Desire Something More Than Azuza Street Revival – Aps. Eric Nyamekye Challenges Pentecost Ministers

Apostle Eric Kwabena Nyamekye, the Chairman of the Church of Pentecost during the opening session of the 2019 Global Ministers Conference being held at the ultra-modern purpose-built Pentecost Convention Centre located at Millennium City on the Gomoa Fetteh Land, challenged all apostles, prophets, evangelists and pastors present to desire something greater than the Azuza Street Revival that took place over 112 years ago.

The Azusa Street Revival was a historic revival meeting that took place in Los Angeles, California. It was led by William J. Seymour, an African American preacher. It began with a meeting on April 9, 1906, and continued until roughly 1915. The revival was characterized by spiritual experiences accompanied by testimonies of physical healing miracles, worship services and speaking in tongues. The participants were criticized by some secular media and Christian theologians for behaviours considered to be outrageous and unorthodox, especially at the time. Today, the revival is considered by historians to be the primary catalyst for the spread of Pentecostalism in the 20th century.

Apostle Eric Kwabena Nyamekye revealed that God is more than able to do something greater in our days than the days of old. He challenged all ministers of the church and ushered them into prayer to desire a fresh anointing, fresh oil, and fresh power being evidenced and accompanied by the miraculous Hand of God. He added that the 2019 Global Ministers Conference should not be a mere meeting where one will be clad in beautiful suits and listen to talks but a time of divine transformation and release of power to take possession of nations.

In his opening address, he spoke about the Church’s Vision 2023 under his leadership as Chairman of the Church of the Pentecost, the core mandate of the church, individuals and ministers as we garner the strength to possess the nations for Christ.

The 2019 Global Ministers Conference which commenced today 22nd January will come to an end on Sunday, 27th January 2019.


Health & Fitness

Living In Filth Is Not Christianity

One of the serious problems most African countries face is poor waste management and the situation is becoming disheartening when the citizenry does not care about the problem but worsens it through their activities. It is very disgusting to see market women selling foodstuff or cooked food in the midst of heaped up rubbish and along gutters.

As if that is not enough, in this 21st Century, we still see people openly defecating into water bodies, refuse dumps and nearby bushes. It is very funny as a nation to hear the citizens blaming the leadership of the country for poorly managing the nations waste while government also throws jab at its citizens for bad attitudes leading to littering of the nation.

Sometimes, people do not see anything wrong with what they have done until a national disaster strikes and there, huge amounts of money will be pumped into rescue operations whereas parts of the money released cannot be accounted for.

Despite the clarion call to take heed to cleanliness, it amazes me that Christians who should set good examples and transform their societies are most of the time also found as culprits to these offences. In fact, living in filth as a believer is no Christianity. I repeat, living in filth is no Christianity.

Why Should Christians Stay Away From Filth?

  1. Cleanliness is next to godliness:

Many people are very smart to quote and say that “Cleanliness is next to godliness”. It is high time we look at it and personalize it to read “My cleanliness is next to my godliness”.

  1. God dislikes filth

Filth can be likened to sin. God is a holy God and all those who worship Him must worship Him Spirit and in Truth – John 4:24.

  1. Unclean and filthy things attract demons

In the Bible, many demonic spirits are addressed as unclean spirits. This means that they are not pure, not holy but always pretending to be good spirits. Your uncleanliness can be the only avenue through which demonic spirits will enter your family and begin to frustrate and destroy your life.

  1. Cleanliness is a command from Moses

Deuteronomy 23:12 says that designate a place outside the camp where you can go to relieve yourself. 13 As part of your equipment have something to dig with, and when you relieve yourself, dig a hole and cover up your excrement.14 For the Lord your God moves about in your camp to protect you and to deliver your enemies to you. Your camp must be holy, so that he will not see among you anything indecent and turn away from you.

  1. God will turn away during divine visitation

Moses warned: “Your camp must be holy, so that God will not see among you anything indecent and turn away from you” – Deut. 23:13

As Christians, we are supposed to live exemplary lives to be the torchbearer and spearhead the activities of Christ. Living in sin and throwing rubbish indiscriminately has been catered for.

Remember that living in filth is not Christianity.


QUOTE: Your Condition Is Not The Conlusion

Today, Our Quote For The Day Says: Your current condition is not the conclusion of your life. God is still working to surprise you. 

The fact that you are going through hard times does not mean that, that is the permanent situation you will always find yourself. Your condition is not the conclusion of your life.

The fact that today you are down does not mean that you will not be up and doing again. Very soon, you shall be lifted up and highly exhalted to glorify God. The fact that you are sick and bedridden does not mean that you shall forever be confined to the sickbed. I see healing coming your way in Jesus’ Name. Yes, your condition is not the conclusion of your life.

The fact that you lose your job and staying in the house does not mean that you shall forever remain jobless and always struggling for money to pay bills and fend for yourself. In fact, i see great opportunities coming your way. God is about making someone one of the best CEO’s the world has ever witnessed. God is still working something for your good. Your condition is not the conlusion of your life.

You have seen many relationships and marriages hitting the rock and ending painfully as if the couples married the devils children but i tell you that do not be afraid to get married. Your condition is not the conclusion of your life. Today you are single, but tomorrow comes where you shall be a happily married couple.

Many are the challenges that man goes through but the Lord knows and still keeps His original intents and purposes for your life.

If you do not know what God is doing for you, you will think your silent years are wasted years. With God, there is nothing like a waste. God does not waste anything. What you consider a waste is a waiting time before God.

Look at yourself in the mirror and say this to yourself that your condition is not the conclusion of your life.

Yes, i repeat, your condition is not the conlusion of your life. It is not the situation that matters but the conclusion justifies everything. Your condition is not the conclusion of your life in Jesus’ Name.


13 Lessons From The 10 Years Challenge

One of the most trending issues on social media in the month of January, 2019 is the 10 years challenge where individuals and celebrities bring out their pictures taken 10 years ago and compare to the current year. Though it was fun and many people have taken up the challenge to show their friends and loved ones about how they have come this far, I caught wisdom and some useful lessons to learn from the 10 years challenges. When done reading, kindly share your views by commenting below in the comment box.

13 Lessons From 10 Years Challenge in Ghana

  1. God Changes Destinies

Never underestimate the power of little and humble beginnings. The fact that your life doesn’t seem to be good today does not mean that it will still be that bad tomorrow. So long as you serve the God that changes destiny, He will turn around your situation for the better.

  1. Never look down on anyone

Never look down on anyone today if they do not look honourable. The God of destiny can put you to shame. In the next 10 years, the people you may look down on them could surprise you and your servant today can be your employer tomorrow.

  1. Many have come this far by grace

The 10 years challenge is not only funny and serving as entertainment but a gentle reminder that we have all come this far through the grace of God alone. Let no man boast.

  1. A lot of body enhancement took place.

After observing pictures of some celebrities and some women in general, I realized that some women deliberately “changed their skin colour” and “altered their body shapes” over the past years. Some of them have undergone the knife (surgery) in order to have some kind of attractive and “killer shapes” that can draw all attention and followers on social media.

  1. A lot more have come that by crooked means

After carefully observing the 10 years challenge pictures of some celebrities and individuals, one thing was indirectly too obvious, your past life is a mirror of your current situation. Some people accused of playing the harlot in the past years have now advanced in their harlotry. Others too started with crooked means, illegal business and criminal activities and their 10 years challenge pictures are not only entertaining but reveal the genesis of their lifestyle.

  1. Your story is a motivation to others

When people know how you struggled in life and yet made it within a period of 10 years, it will serve as motivation to other people in same or similar situation. In fact, 10 years is even too much. God can totally transform your life with few months and people may not even recognize you.

  1. Beware of those who change their sex

In the past 10 years, some people were known to be men but they have now changed their sex and now known as women. This is a bad idea. You can change your sex but you cannot change the true identity of who God created you to be.

  1. Your next 10 years could be mixed feelings

You have no idea what lies ahead of you, even the next 30 seconds. Though we wake up each morning with hopes of a better day and a better future, the next 10 years could be laced with mixed feelings. That is the

  • Good – When everything falls in its rightful place
  • Bad – When bad times show up to mess you up
  • Ugly – When the worst happens causing tears to fill your eyes.
  • Anything that happens could be better or bitter lessons, learn from it.
  1. Taking pictures help to tell your story and history

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Taking pictures frequently from time to time gives you the opportunity to see how you have developed over time and it helps to tell your story better with evidence.

  1. Some friends are missing or dead for life

Cast your mind back and have a snap check whether all the people you knew for the past 10 years are all alive and doing better. The 10 years challenge is not only entertaining but also brings bad memories as some people glance through their pictures and realized that it is exactly 10 years when they lost a fellow they took a picture with.

  1. Don’t criticize until you know the full story

One of the biggest lessons the 10 years challenge revealed is to know the history behind some people before you begin to throw jabs at them. Until you know someone’s story and what they have been through and managed to survive, don’t be quick to point fingers at them and judge them.

  1. It’s all a matter of time

Time is one of the most powerful forces we have in this world. The 10 years challenge and how some people have managed to leave abject poverty and have now become millionaires or at least, managing life is just a matter of time. Time will surely tell and gives everyone a fair opportunity to turn situations around.

  1. No one can tell your story better than you

You knew exactly what you have been through. People can say just anything about you but no one can tell it better than yourself. You are the best author of your life’s story.

Did you partake in the 10 years challenge? What lessons did you learn from it?

Thanks for reading this article: 13 Lessons From The 10 Years Challenge. Kindly share your experience and thoughts with us by commenting or sharing this article for others too to enjoy.

Life Issues


I’ve never seen anyone that wakes up each morning and goes straight to pick up yesterday’s rubbish in the dustbin or trashcan to use them again. It doesn’t happen this way and it’s not normal to have such event in real life situation. You leave the rubbish in the dustbin.

It’s called trashcan or dustbin because that’s where the trashes of life belong but not in your heart or life. Don’t keep them there.

Try going to the dustbin for the old rubbish and then you will realize that you will be

. Uncomfortable

. Smelling

. Lose your confidence

. Can’t mingle with people

. Spoil your garment (the beauty of life)

The above list is what happens to you whenever you wake up and start thinking about yesterday’s problems. What is past is past! Learn from the worst experiences and the negative things in life, give thanks to God for delivering you from them, move on in life and hope for the best in Christ Jesus.

We are far better off without some people and some things in life than to have them around and life will be meaningless. Anything that has been put in the dustbin has finished its purpose in your life and the next best place to put them is the dustbin. You spoil the ambience and smell of your life and room when you keep them around you. They will smell and spoil the beauty of your life. Drop them in the dustbin.

There is total sanity in your life when you are alone than with people who make you go insane. Don’t cry when you lose some friends, some people or some things in life. May be, they have finished serving their purpose. Don’t play with matters of the heart. They can render you useless and cause you so much pain in life. Tell yourself that, “My Heart Is Not A Dustbin”. “I won’t allow anything negative into my heart; it belongs to the dustbin”.

Remember, anyone that doesn’t deserve your love, time and money is a trap to your soul and an ingredient for unhappy life.

Free yourself off any thought that hurts. Anyone that comes to mess up your life is not sent by God because God promised us in Jeremiah 29:11 that I know the plans I have for you; plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a better future you hope for

Tell yourself, “It is well with my soul” when you encounter any situation in life. Remember that your heart is not a dustbin.


When The Devil Has Time For Your Wife

To all the married and single men in a relationship, when the devil had time for Eve and started chatting and whatsapping her, humanity has suffered till now. Sometimes, you have to be mindful of the one who is always talking to your partner. Adam, the World’s No.1 busiest CEO, lose his glory as a man when the devil had time for his wife. Men, your busyness will amount to nothing if your family is destroyed. Have time for your wife and family at times. They need you and not always your money or material things.

One of the best gifts any man can give to his wife or woman is not lots of money and the most expensive and luxurious gifts ever; it is the quality of your time you spend with her that matters. Many women have all they wanted in this world from their husbands but they are still living as singles and no one to talk to them.

It is important to note that, a little time the devil spent with Adam’s wife led to the worst disaster that hit humanity in the history of the world. Husbands! Men! It is good to have the promotions, the international appointments, the juicy packages and all that comes with them but remember, you only have a beautiful house but not a home.

The Bible says in Prov. 16:27-29 that an idle hand is the devil’s workshop. In same manner, an idle wife could be a chat mate of the devil if your wife avails herself and yields to someone to keep her company to kill her loneliness and boredom. Most of the women that cheat on their husbands emanates from absentee husbands who is always not around to satisfy their wives.

After God created everything in the world, He realized the community of man was lacking people. God created man to live in a community but not on an island all alone by himself. After observing all the animals and fishes in the sea and the birds in the skies all living in a community, God declared that it was not good for man to live alone.

Husbands, it is not good to always leave your wife at home and be somewhere else always chasing money. It is not good to travel and leave your wife for years before returning. It is not all women that are that disciplined and committed to stay faithful and wait for you to return.

Remember, When the devil had time for Adam’s wife, his lost his authority, fell short of the glory of God (Rom. 3:23) and was translated from immortality to mortality. You didn’t marry your wife for your house, TV, house help or be the security guard watching your house but to be your companion, keeping you company.

When the devil has time for your wife, it’s all about disaster. You don’t need to fast and pray and break the devil. Have time for your wife to occupy the vacuum that your absence has created. Period!

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Things That Happen When Men Pray

There is nothing that works better than prayer. When prayer is offered, a lot of things happen and prayerlessness causes nothing to happen.

When men pray, there’s a divine direction for the revelation that clears every confusion in life.

When men pray, His glory & presence manifest in the lives of men.

When men pray, grace & favour are released to mount the insurmountable.

When men pray, satanic incubations, projections and orchestrations are destroyed.

When men pray, unctions and anointing are released for greater works & exploits.

When men pray, impossibilities become possibilities. There is nothing that is too hard for God. Once you cry to the God that makes impossible things to become possible, there is nothing like a problem or impossibilities again.

When men pray, destinies and lives are changed & testimonies follow. Every manufacturer has original spare parts for the products manufactured. God is the Creator of the universe and the Maker of mankind. It is He alone that created man and fixes his destiny and God is the only that can change destinies and changes lives.

When men pray, negativities become positivities & weaknesses turn into strength

When men pray, there’s a divine revelation for elevation in life. Having knowledge and information about some things is good but having a revelation about it gives you upper hand over people and some situations.

When men pray, mysteries from the throne room of Heaven are revealed and secrets in life are uncovered.

When men pray, chains of spiritual and physical bondage are broken and people are set free from all forms of attacks.

When men pray, higher heights and greater dimensions are reached.

When men pray, it is an invitation to communicate with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. It is a divine invitation for communication.

Every evil storm and every difficult situation lose their powers to destroy the moment men lift up their voices to call unto God and pray. Prayer is a necessity in daily survival for the believer.

When men pray, things happen in their favour and that which is earmarked for destruction is delivered.

When men lift up their voices in prayer with a genuine and a repentant heart, God hears and answers us. In Isaiah 65:24, God said, “Even before you will ask, I will answer”. God listens to prayers; just that He works according to time.

When men pray, there is deliverance from all sorts of danger and restoration of loss glories and opportunities.

When men lift up a voice of prayer, every spirit of fear and hopelessness is gone. Prayer really changes hopeless situations in life.

When men stand to pray, demons, sicknesses, disgrace, misfortunes and any other difficult situation bow down at the mention of the name Jesus. It is only on the altar of prayer that demons, sicknesses, disgrace and every form of negative and difficult situations are silenced in life at the mention of one name, thus Jesus.

When men  lift up their hands in prayer, Heaven interferes in the affairs of men for lives to be transformed.

When men pray, sometimes, nothing seems to have happened but many things have happened spiritually that we cannot see with our eyes.

When there’s no excuse for prayer, you walk under open heavens and daily miracles. Prayer should be a daily activity just as you eat everyday without fail. Until prayer becomes a lifestyle and a sacred activity you decide to observe everyday whether you are happy or sad, rich or poor, free or in bondage and whether you are a child or an adult, you cannot experience and encounter the Lord in some higher dimensions in life.

There is no substitute for prayer. As a Christian, you have to learn to pray all kinds and types of prayer in season and out of season. It is only when prayer is offered that divinity responds to the demands of humanity with an offer.

The Christian with a good daily devotional life doesn’t always have to visit prayer camps before encountering the Lord. To such a Christian, everyday is a unique experience and an encounter with the Almighty.

Things happen when men pray. Oh yes, things happen when men pray.

Did I miss anything? Kindly share your views and experiences with about the power of prayer


13 Advantages Or Reasons People Prefer Mobile Money To Banks

One of the greatest innovations that has hit the Ghanaian financial sector about money transaction is the introduction of mobile money services. Mobile money transaction was first introduced in Ghana 9 years ago by MTN and the celebration of mobile money month was launched two years after its introduction in 2011 and remains an annual event.

Having used the mobile money services for years, I have observed these 13 advantages or reasons people prefer mobile money to banks. When done reading, kindly share your views and experiences with us about the service.

13 Advantages Or Reasons People Prefer Mobile Money To Banks

  1. It is bank for the unbanked

Till now, there are many people living in cities, communities and villages that cannot boast of electricity, health post, good drinking water, banks and other social amenities. To these people, the introduction of mobile money into the system is a prayer answered for faster monetary transaction. Mobile money is the best service to bring the unbanked category of people into the banking system.

  1. No Fear of savings and investments

The Ghanaian economy has been hit recently by many banks whose licenses were revoked by Bank of Ghana and other banks taking over such financial institutions. These called for a lot of inconveniences to patrons of those banks, hence, increasing the fear of losing one’s savings and investment. Mobile money is not operated by banks but telecommunication network companies raking in great incomes from their services. Recently, investments and savings have been introduced on the mobile money service.

  1. Growing interest for mobile money accounts than bank accounts

According to data from the Bank of Ghana, it was estimated in 2017 that there were 23.95 million mobile money accounts as against 11.43 million bank accounts. Mobile money is becoming the people’s choice than interest in opening bank accounts.

  1. Very easy for even the less schooled to operate

Normal banks give a great deal of headache to the uneducated and the less schooled in the community. Banks normally require signature, guarantors, legal documents and other complex requirements which do not favour the less schooled in the society to easily read and understand.

  1. Very fast means of transaction

There is no doubt that mobile money is one of the fastest means of sending and receiving money in the Ghanaian economy. Instead waiting for banks to reopen the following day, just locate a vendor who is still operating even at late hour.

  1. No Holidays & Sunday Troubles

It is very annoying when you need money seriously and transact some business only for you to realize that banks had closed because it was a public holiday or it was Sunday so banks do not work. Mobile money services have bridged these gap. With mobile money, you do not need to be cash trapped because it is Sunday.

  1. Accessible anywhere

One of the beautiful things about the service is that, it does not require much space for its operation. Just a table and chair with a banner to indicate the service available at a particular spot is all you need to commence the business. Patrons of the service can access even at the remotest part of the country.

  1. No need for queues as in banks

Instead of spending close to an hour and even hours in the bank, you can decide to spend between 2-5 minutes at a mobile money joint and do same transactions you want to do with your bankers. Time spent and wasted in the banks could be used for other profitable activities.

  1. Very easy to open account

There is no doubt that accounts are very easy to open and less time consuming than with banks that require a lot of things which may not be readily available. The only key requirement is a valid voters ID card or perhaps, a travelling Passport.

  1. Mobile money transaction is a walking bank

Do you know that you can do virtually most of the banking transactions on your mobile phone? There are so many banks that have developed innovative apps to connect customers’ bank accounts to their mobile money wallet. You send money, receive money, borrow money, invest, buy call credits and data for browsing and many other services through an app. With the service, you have your banks on your finger tips.

  1. It is a paperless bank

In banks, almost every transaction is done by filling forms and writing cheque and writing so many things. Mobile money services have taken that pain on the part of the customers. Sometimes, these papers mix up or get lost and this causes incoveniences and security threats loyal patrons of such banks.

  1. Reward Customers

It is heartwarming to see that discounts and bonuses are giving to customers who make purchases through the service while banks may not even reward a loyal customer for so many years.

  1. Provides security to users

Though every banking system has its own security threats, mobile money systems also provide some level of security by requesting for codes or passwords and verification to authorize some transactions.

Did I leave anything out? Comment in the box below and share your experience with us. Don’t forget to share with friends and loved ones if you like this article.


12 Reasons People Dance In Church

Dancing is one of the activities you cannot separate from Christian gatherings in any church service. To some people, once they miss the praise time in church, it seems they have not gone to church at all and to others too, the worship time is what they crave for apart from the Word of God. Imagine a church without singing, dancing and clapping; it will definitely be a boring service but it will amaze you to know that, there are some churches or religious gatherings that do not dance. Dancing is an occasional event done in those churches or religious services.

In my quest to know the reasons people dance in church, I have observed over the past few years the under listed 12 reasons why people dance in church. When done reading, tell us your views by commenting on the reasons people dance in church.

12 Reasons People Dance In Church

  1. Simply love dancing

About 13 years ago, I came across a very handsome and energetic young man who swiftly moves to the dancing floor upon the sound of any song. He danced so well to the admiration of the congregation, hence, he was nicknamed the dancing prophet. This young man really loves dancing.

  1. When Dancing is A Gift

To some people, dancing is a gift and they cannot deprive themselves from using their potentials to glorify God. When a gifted person moves to the dancing floor, you can see the skills displayed and how flexible you will see the person in his or her movements. The late Michael Jackson was not only a great musician but also a gifted dancer.

  1. To praise and thank God

When you remember what the Lord has done for you, you cannot keep quiet over it but spring onto your feet with singing and dancing. In Psalm 30:11, the writer said you have turned for me my mourning into dancing. You have loosed my sackcloth and girded me with gladness.

  1. When the music and instruments are good

Once a song is sang and the instruments are played, dancing is likely to be the next move to follow unless of course the song is a worship song or a non-danceable song. In Exodus 15:20, Miriam, the prophetess took timbrels and as she began to sing, the women followed her doing same, singing and dancing. Good and quality sound trigger dancing. However, instrumentals that are full of noise is annoying and easily prevent people from dancing. Unfortunately for some churches, they are only making noise, they do not really sing. When noise is mixed with music, it detracts the church service.

  1. When your favourite praise song is sung

There are a lot of good spirit filled songs but there is that particular song(s) that moves every nerve and vein in your body and cause you to move to the dancing floor. The disadvantage here is that, your mind may be too programmed to the extent that you may not feel happy anytime your favourite praise song is not sang. This may cause you to develop some dislike for the church service or the music leaders. Remember that the praise and worship songs are meant for God but not for you to enjoy.

  1. Good news

A lot of people dance because they are carrying some good news and they cannot give testimonies about it so they choose to dance and give offering in appreciation of what God has done for them. Whether good news or no good news, God must be praised and worshipped. The Apostle Paul asked what can separate us from the love of God (Romans 8:35 – 39)

  1. You feel shy to sing or give testimony

In church, you will come across many people with great testimonies but due to shyness, sensitive issues and other personal reasons, they choose to give offerings and dance instead of singing and giving testimonies in church.

  1. Wearing New dresses

If you are dancing in your new dress as a form of adoration and thanksgiving unto God for blessing you, then you are on the right track but to dance to show off your new dress is a wrong motive. You are dancing to please people and to show off but not to bring glory to God. Desist from such kind of acts. They do not bring glory to God but to draw attention and glorify yourself.

  1. People dance simply because everyone is dancing

One of the things I dislike in church is when everyone around me moves to the dancing floor and I’m left all alone. When this happens, sometimes, one of your colleagues will pull you to join them to dance. In this case, you are dancing because everyone is dancing and you will be the only odd person left behind but not in reverence to God and to appreciate Him for His kindness and mercies in your life.

  1. When the pastor or leader ask you to dance

To some people, they are dancing, singing, clapping and doing any other thing in the house of God because the pastor or the music leader asked them to do so but their hearts and minds are far from the actions. To this group, Jesus addressed as lip worshippers, they worship God with their lips but their hearts and lifestyles are far from the truth (Matthew 15:8-9).

  1. When one is moved by the Holy Spirit

Have you ever seen someone carried under the unction of the Holy Spirit and the person could not stop dancing? Sometimes, when the Heavens want to fill your life with much happiness, a touch of this to impact your life may manifest with uncontrollable laughter, singing praise songs or dancing in the House of God.

  1. To announce your presence and for Personal Reasons

A few years ago, a friend told me that he had 3 important weddings to attend on same day which were organized almost around the same time. The couples to be wedded were too close and very important friends to the extent that they may not forgive him for not attending. Surprisingly, he managed to attend the 3 weddings. When I asked how he managed to attend the 3, he smiled and said, “It’s very simple. I used wisdom”.

My friend decided to attend the 3 weddings and was only waiting for any danceable song. Once the song was up, he was the first to move forward to dance and he danced skillfully to attract the attention and admiration of the would-be couple just to announce his presence. Once the music ended, he walked out of the auditorium and headed straight to another church and did likewise.

What motivates someone to dance in church may not be to praise, worship and thank God. It could simply be to impress a particular young man or woman to announce one’s presence in a particular function. Once the motive becomes a personal reason rather than in reverence to your Maker, you reduce the spirituality and essence of church service to any other social gathering.

Did I miss anything about the 12 reasons people dance in church? Kindly tell us your views by commenting in the box below.

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Life Issues

Your Success Can Lead To Your Assassination

Your success can lead to your assassination in life. The day David was recognized as a national hero for killing Goliath and the women composed a song to praise him, Saul started plotting different assassination attempts to take his life.

Your success in life can be a serious threat to some people and all they could do is to eliminate you at the early stages of your success before you become too powerful for them to handle. Saul angrily said to himself: “If the women have credited David to killing ten thousand and a thousand to me, what more can David get than my kingdom?” – 1 Samuel 18:6-10.

King Saul and a lot of his soldiers were now chasing David to kill him for committing no offence but for the mere fact that he led his own country into victory and saved the nation from defeat and death from the Philistines. Saul rather saw David who was a national asset as a threat.

Not all those saying congrats and singing your praises are truly happy for you. When God begins to promote you into popularity and stardom, you have to be security conscious and above all, you need to the Divine Security.

5 Things Your Success May Bring You

Gleaning from the success of David, I realized that your breakthroughs in life may not only lead to your assassination but will bring you the following as well:

  1. Fame: David was only a teenager when he killed the Philistine national champion, Goliath and that shot his name into fame and national recognition.

2. Lot of lovers: Jonathan loved David and Michal was given to David as a wife

3. Lot of Enemies: Saul, Shimei and a lot of people became David’s enemies. David had to survive many assassination attempts. Absalom, his own son later rebelled against David and wanting to kill his own father.

4. You become a threat to others: King Saul should be happy for having someone like David in his kingdom but he was rather angry and sad because he saw David as a threat to his own kingship and a possible successor to him instead of Jonathan his son.

5. Promotion: Through the anointing, David was promoted by God to succeed Saul as King. When God Himself elevates you, be careful to do exactly what He has assigned you to do.

Remember, your success can lead to your assassination so you need the divine leadings and protection of God to overcome the schemes of men and the evil one.

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