5 Things Not Accepted After Death

It may never occur to you before about things which may not be accepted when you die but the truth of the matter is that, they are still real and the truth. While you still have life and strong alive, I want you to consider these 5 things not accepted after death.

  1. I’m deeply sorry.

The best time to regret, be sorry and repent from your sins is not when you die but while still alive. Time and chance are no longer available to anyone that is dead. Time and chance are still available to those who are alive. The Apostle Peter said, repent every one of you and be baptized and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38).

  1. I didn’t know about that – ignorance is not accepted

The Bible emphatically said he who does not believe the son is already condemned (John 3:18). There is no place for argument. Ignorance is no excuse of the dangers that lie ahead of you after death. Once you now know the truth, embrace it and save your soul from the hell fire prepared for those who have not accepted Jesus as LORD and Saviour of their lives. Some things are not accepted after death but now.

  1. Giving a truckload of excuses

To a lot of people, they have had the chance to hear the good news that Jesus still saves; to other people too, they have managed to start attending church but that doesn’t give you salvation if you do not repent from your sinful ways and live a life worthy of your calling into holiness in Christ. No matter the number of excuses you give, it will not be entertained and accepted. Remember, even all your idle words and secret thoughts will be brought before God in judgment (Matt. 12:36-37).

  1. Blaming people won’t set you free

Adam blamed Eve for being the one who gave her the fruit to eat. Eve did likewise by pushing the blame on the serpent for deceiving her but God did not spare the three of them. Adam, Eve and the serpent received their punishments accordingly from God. You cannot pushed all your misfortunes, sinful lives and other things onto people and be free. They will also give account of whatever they did. The Bible said for we shall all appear before God and give account of whatever we did while living in our body whether good or bad (2 Corin. 5:10).

  1. Give me a second chance

It is very sad to know that the Bible said, “It is appointed unto a man to die ONCE and after that, face judgment”, Heb. 9:27. There is nothing like a second chance for you to repent and amend your ways. It is only judgment that awaits us all after death. This is your chance and your day to make a U-turn and turn to God for salvation.

You see the way people die unexpectedly? Let’s live right with God. You only have the chance to get things right while alive not after death. Get connected to Jesus. Time is running out.

If there is any important decision to make today, it should be for eternity. Consider these 5 things not accepted after death.

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16 Types of Pastors You’ll Find In Every Bible School

Having interacted with most of the outgone and outgoing pastoral students (overseers & pastors) for the past 6 years at PCC, some of them never cease to point to the fact that we are likely to meet different caliber of students at the seminary.

In this article, I’ll share with us a few of the characters we are likely to meet on campus.

16 Types of Pastors You’ll Find In Every Bible School

  1. Friend to all: They easily flow with anyone regardless of tribe, colour, and nationality. That’s the hallmark of every good pastor. Pastors must learn to be a people person, thus friend to all manner of people.
  2. The sharpeners: Iron sharpens iron. Getting closer to them sharpens your own ministry.
  1. The each other’ keeper supplier: You are likely to come across a really broke pastor who’s anointed but has no money. Let’s learn to support and cover-up without exposing them. Anointing without money is an annoyance and you may doubt the calling on your head.
  1. The unrefined pastor: They exhibit characters that make you wonder whether they were really called or they just joined to add up to the numbers required. Their words and deeds leave much to be desired. Anyway, the Bible School is a refinery on its own but it can’t refine us until we change our minds.
  1. Leaders: Real leaders will naturally emerge once the seed has been planted already. Right from Bible School, you will notice those pastors who will be great leaders. However, others choose to remain cool and never show off what they could do.
  1. Lords & masters: You will soon get to know those who are already acting like Apostles and Area Heads or General Overseers. Respect one another but not lord over them.
  1. The living in Sin, Shame & Disgrace Pastor: These are the pastors that hide behind the grace of God and do unimaginable things. They get exposed eventually. Sometimes, it’s your past life they may chase you and disgrace and destroy the beauty of today and tomorrow. Let’s all learn to be careful and prayerful.
  1. Pride: Never forget that we are called by grace and not thru works. Let’s love and respect one another and kick pride out. You can never go far in ministry as a pastor when you have pride as a companion.
  1. Egypt mentality pastors: They always talk as if they were begged by their pastors and Area Heads or Bishops to go into ministry for them. They are in school but get worried upon the slightest thing that frustrates them and wished they were in their circular jobs.
  1. Spiritual show-offs: Of course, you are likely to meet those who show off with their spiritual gift things. Don’t forget that we are called and gifted differently. Your gift is not important than ours.
  1. The first impression champions: When school resumes, you will hear pastoral students praying in grandfather tongues at dawn for personal devotions but this may fade out by the end of the first month. Their real character and devotional life will eventually show up, not what you were acting to be.
  1. Loner: He’s always alone and prefers to be alone. That could be their nature but know when to mingle and when to single out yourself.
  1. Too Busy Pastor: Don’t always make yourself too busy. Stress and stroke are killing some pastors. All work and no play, make you a dull minister. Find time to rest and play small.
  1. The silent gurus: Each year, there are some gurus that come into ministry but sometimes remain reserved and keep cool. Bible school is a period to learn and tap into the knowledge and experience of others.
  1. The firebrands: They are always on their knees crying onto God for the fire, anointing and the unction to function. To these groups of people, ministry is more of warfare than merely an academic work.
  2. 16. The deliverance pastors: To them, they have Elijah’s anointing, always wanting to call down fire to destroy the works of the enemy. Sometimes, they turn to over-spiritualize everything around them.




12 Reasons People Dance In Church

Dancing is one of the activities you cannot separate from Christian gatherings in any church service. To some people, once they miss the praise time in church, it seems they have not gone to church at all and to others too, the worship time is what they crave for apart from the Word of God. Imagine a church without singing, dancing and clapping; it will definitely be a boring service but it will amaze you to know that, there are some churches or religious gatherings that do not dance. Dancing is an occasional event done in those churches or religious services.

In my quest to know the reasons people dance in church, I have observed over the past few years the under listed 12 reasons why people dance in church. When done reading, tell us your views by commenting on the reasons people dance in church.

12 Reasons People Dance In Church

  1. Simply love dancing

About 13 years ago, I came across a very handsome and energetic young man who swiftly moves to the dancing floor upon the sound of any song. He danced so well to the admiration of the congregation, hence, he was nicknamed the dancing prophet. This young man really loves dancing.

  1. When Dancing is A Gift

To some people, dancing is a gift and they cannot deprive themselves from using their potentials to glorify God. When a gifted person moves to the dancing floor, you can see the skills displayed and how flexible you will see the person in his or her movements. The late Michael Jackson was not only a great musician but also a gifted dancer.

  1. To praise and thank God

When you remember what the Lord has done for you, you cannot keep quiet over it but spring onto your feet with singing and dancing. In Psalm 30:11, the writer said you have turned for me my mourning into dancing. You have loosed my sackcloth and girded me with gladness.

  1. When the music and instruments are good

Once a song is sang and the instruments are played, dancing is likely to be the next move to follow unless of course the song is a worship song or a non-danceable song. In Exodus 15:20, Miriam, the prophetess took timbrels and as she began to sing, the women followed her doing same, singing and dancing. Good and quality sound trigger dancing. However, instrumentals that are full of noise is annoying and easily prevent people from dancing. Unfortunately for some churches, they are only making noise, they do not really sing. When noise is mixed with music, it detracts the church service.

  1. When your favourite praise song is sung

There are a lot of good spirit filled songs but there is that particular song(s) that moves every nerve and vein in your body and cause you to move to the dancing floor. The disadvantage here is that, your mind may be too programmed to the extent that you may not feel happy anytime your favourite praise song is not sang. This may cause you to develop some dislike for the church service or the music leaders. Remember that the praise and worship songs are meant for God but not for you to enjoy.

  1. Good news

A lot of people dance because they are carrying some good news and they cannot give testimonies about it so they choose to dance and give offering in appreciation of what God has done for them. Whether good news or no good news, God must be praised and worshipped. The Apostle Paul asked what can separate us from the love of God (Romans 8:35 – 39)

  1. You feel shy to sing or give testimony

In church, you will come across many people with great testimonies but due to shyness, sensitive issues and other personal reasons, they choose to give offerings and dance instead of singing and giving testimonies in church.

  1. Wearing New dresses

If you are dancing in your new dress as a form of adoration and thanksgiving unto God for blessing you, then you are on the right track but to dance to show off your new dress is a wrong motive. You are dancing to please people and to show off but not to bring glory to God. Desist from such kind of acts. They do not bring glory to God but to draw attention and glorify yourself.

  1. People dance simply because everyone is dancing

One of the things I dislike in church is when everyone around me moves to the dancing floor and I’m left all alone. When this happens, sometimes, one of your colleagues will pull you to join them to dance. In this case, you are dancing because everyone is dancing and you will be the only odd person left behind but not in reverence to God and to appreciate Him for His kindness and mercies in your life.

  1. When the pastor or leader ask you to dance

To some people, they are dancing, singing, clapping and doing any other thing in the house of God because the pastor or the music leader asked them to do so but their hearts and minds are far from the actions. To this group, Jesus addressed as lip worshippers, they worship God with their lips but their hearts and lifestyles are far from the truth (Matthew 15:8-9).

  1. When one is moved by the Holy Spirit

Have you ever seen someone carried under the unction of the Holy Spirit and the person could not stop dancing? Sometimes, when the Heavens want to fill your life with much happiness, a touch of this to impact your life may manifest with uncontrollable laughter, singing praise songs or dancing in the House of God.

  1. To announce your presence and for Personal Reasons

A few years ago, a friend told me that he had 3 important weddings to attend on same day which were organized almost around the same time. The couples to be wedded were too close and very important friends to the extent that they may not forgive him for not attending. Surprisingly, he managed to attend the 3 weddings. When I asked how he managed to attend the 3, he smiled and said, “It’s very simple. I used wisdom”.

My friend decided to attend the 3 weddings and was only waiting for any danceable song. Once the song was up, he was the first to move forward to dance and he danced skillfully to attract the attention and admiration of the would-be couple just to announce his presence. Once the music ended, he walked out of the auditorium and headed straight to another church and did likewise.

What motivates someone to dance in church may not be to praise, worship and thank God. It could simply be to impress a particular young man or woman to announce one’s presence in a particular function. Once the motive becomes a personal reason rather than in reverence to your Maker, you reduce the spirituality and essence of church service to any other social gathering.

Did I miss anything about the 12 reasons people dance in church? Kindly tell us your views by commenting in the box below.

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20 Reasons Why Some People Don’t Give Tithes And Offering In Church

Have you ever gone to church and though you had money in your wallet or purse, felt like you shouldn’t give any offering on that day? There are a number of factors that cause people to stop giving tithes and offering in the church.

Recently, I came across a young lady who swore never to give any offering in church again. My interactions with her revealed some disturbing bad experiences she had with her church regarding giving tithes and offering. As I began to educate her about why she must give tithes and offering and the blessings that come along with them, I realized that she lacked understanding and some basic principles about giving.

In this article, I will share with you some 20 reasons why some people do not give tithes and offering in the church. Kindly share your experience and thoughts with us when done reading.

20 Reasons Why Some People Don’t Give Tithes And Offering In Church

  1. They Don’t Understand why they should give

These are the caliber of church members who do not know and understand the Biblical reasons for which they should give tithes and offering. Until you understand the why and how of some spiritual assignments in the house of God, you may not get the blessings associated with what you are doing.

  1. Lack of faith in obeying and practicing the word of God

There are some people that know and understand all the blessings that come with giving tithes and offering but they do not have faith in it. Lack of faith and doubt in the Word of God are like cancer, they eat the better part of your Christian life and destroy you. James 1:17 says that the man who is full doubts should never expect anything good from the Lord.

  1. Different Religious Beliefs And Teachings About Tithes and Offerings

There are many preachers who preach that tithing was a thing of the past since there was no much emphasis and teachings on it in the New Testament. These members will not pay tithes if they join your church. Remember, in Matthew 23:23 and Luke 11:42, Jesus did not condemn tithing, but rather said just as the Pharisees obeyed the law and tithed as well, they should not ignore other weightier matters which are equally important.

  1. When too much special attention is given to the big offering givers in the church

It is time for offering in the church. Member A gives GH¢10 or $10 according to his financial strength and Member B gives GH¢10,000 or say $10,000. The praise, special mentions, treatment and attention given to the big offering givers in the church alone may discourage others from giving. Worst of all, it is very discouraging when the pastor says some special breakthrough and promotion prayers for those who gave big offerings. Meanwhile, those who really need those prayers are the poor members who gave even GH¢1 to GH¢10.

  1. Hardship and poverty

Some people have found themselves in the church to pray for a breakthrough for their daily bread on that faithful Sunday. They do not have anything in the house to eat though they are working alright. They have simply run out of cash and more especially, when business isn’t booming anymore. No matter how you encourage them to give, they will remain adamant.

  1. Fear of family and friends when they hear how much you gave in church

Throughout my ministry, I always come across people who want to give to support the work of God but prefer to do it anonymously because once their family members and friends realized that they gave such huge amounts of money, they become target for continuously begging for money, asking for loans and a prime target of thieves and robbers who sit in the pews and pretend to be church members.

  1. When sin becomes a hindrance

When people are caught up in sinful activities, they feel they are rejected by God and so is their offering also rejected and not accepted until they feel their sins are forgiven. In Matthew 5:23-24, the Bible admonishes us to first reconcile with our brothers of any wrongdoing before presenting our gifts on the altar. God is much interested in your obedience but not your offerings or sacrifice.

  1. When members get their money through corrupt and immoral means

Some people who claim to be Christians secretly make a living through corrupt and immoral activities such as

  • Fornication and prostitution
  • Gambling and lottery
  • Fraudulent activities
  • Many other dubious means

The church members who are involved in such activities knew that their hands are not clean and such is their money also. Though people see them as rich, they know that their monies are not clean and accepted in the house of God. Church leaders, do not force such people to give by all means. Be interested in how they earn their money but not how much they can give.

  1. Unemployment

Unemployed church members may not feel happy during offering time. It is very embarrassing when the offering bowl is passed around and you cannot drop any money into it. To avoid this embarrassment, some people decide to visit the washroom during offering time, leave the church or stay at home and not come to church at all. This is a bad practice. Put a stop it. Your hardship should not separate you from God. Paul said: what shall separate us from the love of God? Is it your lack of money, daily troubles or persecution (Romans 8:25)

  1. When management of church finance is questionable

Church members expect the leadership of the church to manage their offerings very well. The money brought to the house of God as tithes and offerings may come from people who may have suffered in difficult situations to earn those money and mismanagement of such funds may pose serious challenges to those whose faith are not well grounded about giving.

  1. When pastors and church leaders misappropriate church project funds

Another serious thing that discourages members is misappropriating project funds for something different. When members realized that offerings raised are not used for the intended purpose, they become offended and reluctant to give next time. They knew that the leaders are not trustworthy and are likely to misuse the funds. Worst of all, the no-nonsense members will leave the church to attend other churches that are well organized.

  1. When members are not committed to the vision of the church

Members become committed to the vision of the church when they are well informed and perhaps, into details. Actions taken by church leadership becomes a motivation for the members to give and support or reject the vision and stop giving offering.

  1. When pastors live luxurious lives at the expense of members welfare

Many pastors are living a luxurious life at the expense of the members who earned the money in hard conditions. Members will stop giving offering when the welfare of the members are ignored and all attention is centered on the pastor’s welfare alone.

  1. When members see pastors and church leaders as fraudsters

We always hear of how some pastors and church leaders defraud their members in the name of doubling their money, working out Visa for them, giving them divine connections and the likes. These charlatans in wolf clothing and claiming to be pastors convince innocent members to give huge amount of money as offering.

  1. The pastor will spend the money mentality

To some people, the pastor or church leaders will just “chop” their money so they will not simply offer anything in the church. To them, they do not see offering as an act of worship they are giving to God but man. This mentality may arise due to the numerous fraud issues involving some pastors. This breaks the trust church members have for the office of the clergy.

  1. Too many offerings on every Sunday

It is so annoying and more of a swindling and extorting means of taking too many offerings from church members on one single day. Sometimes, the pressure on the members to give forces a lot of them to make pledges that become another burden to redeem.

  1. Previous Bad Church Experiences With Giving To the Church

Some people have whole heartedly contributed to a particular church project and of which the final outcome for which the money was raised was not achieved and well accounted for. Sometimes, some of these members go for loans to give as offering and diverting and misappropriating such funds only sends negative signals to people to stop giving to the church.

  1. That Feeling Of Other Members Will Give

Sometimes, some people decide not to give for a particular project in the church because they feel other people will give. Announcements are normally made for people to voluntarily assist to finish a particular project and eventually, only a hand few of people may show up. The majority that stayed at home thought that some other people will surely be there so their presence may not necessarily be needed.

  1. Personal Commitment and Support For Other Ministries & Missions Work

Some people may not give offerings in church because they feel they are already supporting other ministries, missions work and other worthy course but remember that, you do not always worship with those external branches. You have a responsibility to support your local church.

  1. Lack of motivation

I have come to realize that sometimes, some people do not give tithes and offering at all simply because the one who led during offering time did not motivate them enough for them to give. Some prefer being told stories about how tithing and offering has transformed someone’s life and that gingers them to give more. You have to grow from being told stories (many of which are false) before you give to personally praying and deciding on how much to give to support a particular course in church.

Did I miss anything? Share your experience with us on the 20 reasons why some people don’t give tithes and offering in church.

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The Church Is Not Like The Hospital – Full Stop


How effective is our care assessment in the church (Hospital) as church leaders?

As a health care professional, I attend to different types of patients in the hospital. Some come with dementia, diabetes, strokes, mental health challenges, women health, kidney infection, abdominal pains and many others just to mention few.

As medics, we don’t treat all patients with same drugs. For example, you don’t treat a cancer patient with the same medicine for tooth aches; neither do we treat leg ulcer with constipation drug. Each patient is assessed based on their health needs and diagnosis.

Now; when I hear some church leaders referring to the church as hospital, I wander why they treat their members (patients) with the same medicine (word)? What assessment is carried out to know whether sister A needs a husband or brother B needs money? That could not be their reason for coming to church unless, their needs are respectively and accurately assessed.

Many people come through the door of the church with diverse spiritual needs, physical and emotional needs. Do we actually take the pain to assess the patients (members) that come into our care to determine the type of medicine appropriate for each member?

How do we say the church is like the hospital when we are failing to attend to our patients (Members) care needs (ADLS – ACTIVITY OF DAILY LIVINGS.)?

Good assessment leads to effective care to patients. Preaching solely on prosperity message all year without assessing as to whether all the patients need that sort of medication is not helpful? Some of the members may need encouragement, inspiration, motivation, empowerment to press on in their Christian walk. The journey of faith needs a lot of motivation and encouragement, while others need empowerment to pray and read the word of God and to develop relationship with fellow church members.

Assessment is very vital in determining the decisions we make in ministry regarding the spiritual needs of our members. Church members come into church with marital and relationships needs, family and psychological needs, issues of faith, discipleship challenges, youth and adolescent pressures, bible reading issues and doctrinal confusions, evangelism and soul winning difficulties, faithfulness and loyalty issues, membership and servanthood problems, etc.

The question is how do you effectively assess, implement, review and evaluate the success of your care to respective members in your church as a pastor, Bishop, evangelist, prophet or a teacher?

Most often, we get confused about the needs of the church members and assumed they all need the same things. Each member has different needs and spending time to know them will help us as leaders to discover their  purpose, goals, aspirations, beliefs and convictions, interests, attitudes, feelings, activities, and/or worries, problems, and obstacles they face as individual member.

In Jesus Christ’s ministry, He did a lot of miracles but with different approach. He ministered to each person that came in contact with him. He healed the blind man with sand he spat on, mixed it and applied on the eyes of the blind man. He later told him to go and wash it.

He told the people at the wedding to pour water into the pots and He turned it into wine. At one point when He was approached by the Pharisees with the lady caught red handed in the act fornication with a man, Jesus Christ applied wisdom in assessing the situation before making His judgment. He was presented with different situations, but he didn’t apply the same or preach the same sermon to them all.

What is the baseline of your church growth and how do you determine what sort of programs, leadership training and discipleship training needs of your patients (members?)

On like in hospital, assessments are carried out to know which patient needs medicine, therapy, councilors, physiotherapy and occupational interventions to make them improve and grow better.  How effective is the praise and worship service including, teaching and prayer, fellowship and pastoral care?

Failure to carry an effective spiritual needs of our members will result in them not growing and later leave the church to other churches and the cycle continues.

As leaders of our respective ministries and churches, we must invest in the spiritual growth of our members not only one aspect of their needs (PROSPERITY, CARS, HOUSES, MARRIAGES AND MIRACLES). We must not ‘brush’ everybody that comes into our churches with the same brush or feed them with the same food and with the same spoon at the same time.

All things are possible and achievable only if we are ready to put aside pride and ego to ask other professionals within the church to take their leadership roles to contribute to the growth and development of our members. We must learn to share the task within the church to avoid stagnation of member’s destiny.

Life is meant to live forward and God expects the church to grow and affect the world positively. This can only be possible if the leadership of the churches these days understand the need for change and move away from selfishness and control of other people’s destiny within the church. If the church sees itself as a hospital, then, it should be ready and prepared to open up for corrections, criticisms and rebuke just as most hospitals do in order to be effective and significant to society.

No one goes to a hospital that does not provide quality care and patient centered care. In view of this, any church that does not care, provide and share the true love of Christ to its followers or members should question it existence in society. Members should not be seen or regarded as objects rather, as valuable souls that were bought with the precious blood of Jesus Christ. The church must not be regarded as hospital rather, must be left as church, the body of Christ and bride of Christ.

Most hospitals close or shut their doors to patients when it deem so necessary due a vast infections outbreak within the hospital. This is to prevent the spread of infection or cross infection among patients and staffs. Now, if we regard the church as the hospital, are we going to church or close it down when we suspect an abuse, intimidation and control of church members by their leaders? No. so, let’s leave the church alone and let if function as the true church.

We must stop associating the church to a hospital. The hospital has its meaning and purpose and the church too has its own purpose and meaning to society. Let’s not just open the doors of our churches because we want to operate just like hospitals. Rather, let us open our heart, mind and spirit to love those within the church to extend that love to the world by shinning our lights for preserving lives with the word of God we have heard and loved. The role of the Church in our society can’t be compromised nor linked to hospital as its purpose is far from the church of Christ.

Health care professionals work together to provide ultimate care to patients in their care. These people involves the ward clerk to the cleaners just to ensure patients are well cared for professionally. Now, what prevents churches from working together as a team, bearing in mind all the fivefold ministries and the TONGUE SPEAKING we do just to ensure the spiritual wellbeing of the Saint ( patients) are provided for?

Doctors don’t curse nurses for playing their roles in patient’s care neither do physiotherapists rain down fire and brimstone on occupational therapists for assisting and accessing patient’s ability to cope and manage at home when discharged? Why can’t we the church do the same but we are happy to associate it to the hospital? A house that fights against each other can’t stand. Time to rethink to rebuild the house of God in unity.

Ferdinard Senyo Lawson Author



17 Things that will happen if Jesus Were To Be Born Today

Have you ever asked yourself what would have happened if Jesus Christ were to be born in our days? Well, we tried to list a few things that may happen if Jesus Christ were to be born in our days. Kindly comment by adding a few things you think would have happened if He were to be born in our days.

17 Things that will happen if Jesus Were To Be Born Today

  1. He will still have a humble beginning
  2. He will use modern public address systems to reach out to more souls. Without any public address system, Peter stood to preach and over 3000 people were saved in a day.
  3. He will use the fastest means of transport to spread the gospel. Jesus and His disciples had to walk for days before reaching their destinations to preach to others.
  4. Many people will indeed believe that He is the one and true savior
  5. A lot of people will still doubt Him and wonder whether He is indeed the savior
  6. He will be on social media. We shall watch all the Jesus Healing Crusades live on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. He will have the highest followers on any Social Media Platform.
  7. Judas may not betray Him with a kiss, he will send his picture and location through emails and whatsApp to the Roman soldiers.
  8. He will still be killed despite any law because the original plan of God was that He will die to save mankind.
  9. His Healings, Teachings and Miracles will top Google searches and trends
  10. He will win the most viral videos award
  11. We will take pictures and videos of Him for the next generation to watch and listen to the actual videos and audios of Jesus Christ.
  12. Sign writers and artists will not draw Jesus Christ the way they like but according to His own image for all to know how Jesus Christ really looks like.
  13. He will be among the most influential people in the world.
  14. He may not necessarily be killed on the cross in our days due to modernity and ways of killing people.
  15. The birth of Jesus Christ will be a viral news through the internet and all social media network.
  16. He will still face political oppositions and threats to kill Him earlier to abort His vision.
  17. His disciples may not be too highly learned people though education is very important in our days. It may be a mixed government.

Why Do Christians Feel Shy To Let People Know They Are Christians And Tell The World About Jesus?

Today, I came across some people who were busily and gladly drinking alcoholic beverages in the restaurant while just a few meters away were another group of people who were also having bitter exchanges. To be frank, the vulgar words used by those people are not worth writing here to be read. Surprisingly, they did not feel shy to make those utterances. At the nearby table where I sat were also some Christians who were eating but could not help the situation.

After observing the whole situation for a while, I asked myself: why do Christians feel shy sometimes to tell others about Jesus and even let people know that they are Christians. Unbelievers easily put up their unbelief and practices for all to know what they stand for but why do Christians feel shy?

We have reached a stage where people are not ashamed to post their naked pictures and nude videos to become popular but are you trying to say you are feeling shy to let the world know that you love Jesus and that He still saves people and restores hope to the hopeless?

I see people stake lotto and gamble publicly. They do all sort of things in the full glare of people to win lotteries but they are not ashamed of the very things that they are doing. They call it serious business but are you trying to say that you cannot publicly tell people about Jesus? Are you then into serious business to win souls for Christ?

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Each day, thousands of women sell their bodies to men. They do it publicly in the full glare of people. They wear skimpy dresses and almost go nude just to attract immoral men to sleep with them for money. And how about those whose conscience are seared and bought by the devil? How about those into professional pornography? In fact, they call it a profession. These people and prostitutes are not feeling shy to sell their bodies for money; a detestable thing but do you mean to say you are feeling shy about Jesus and letting the world know that He is your Saviour?

Drug Lords and barons and drug addicts know the ban on selling or dealing in hard drugs. They know the strict laws passed by international bodies that prevent anyone from trading and possessing those hard drugs but do you know something, they are not shy to do such risky thing so don’t be shy to let the whole know that you are a Christians.

The Muslims pray five times a day as a lifestyle. They easily and openly do it in the public without feeling shy but Christians are even shy to pray in the open when need be. Some Christians feel shy to let people know that indeed they are Christians. Doesn’t that mean there is a question mark on you regarding your status as a Christian?

It is very shameful to know that at the same company where corruption and a lot of bad practices are taking place, you will find Christians in those environments but their presence there as Christians is of no effect and value. Then why are you there as a Christian if unbelievers could feel comfortable and steal, rob and do all sorts of detestable things in your presence?

What is more shameful than the King of Kings and Lord of Lords dying naked on the cross like a criminal just to save you and I but you stand there to say you are feeling shy to let the world know that Jesus still saves?

Remember, Jesus Christ said anyone that denies Him and feels shy of Him Christ Jesus will He also deny in front of His father who is in Heaven (Matthew 10:33).

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13 Bad Reasons Why People Attend Church

Attending church should not just be one of the normal things you do. No, it should not be a normal function you attend. Recently, I have engaged some people in conversations about the reasons why they attend church and I was amazed to know that a number of people attend church for many weird reasons. Their reasons are not related to salvation but for other things of personal interest to them.

The truth of the matter is that, if you attend church for any of the under listed reasons, then be sure that you are likely to miss your blessings and the ultimate being heaven. When you are done reading about the 13 bad reasons why people attend church, kindly share your experience or views with us. Remember, you may miss your blessings if you attend church because of these reasons.

13 Bad Reasons Why People Attend Church

  1. You Don’t Have Any Excuse Or Lies To Tell Your Pastor Or Leaders

Sometimes, some people go to church simply because they do not have any excuse or lies to tell their church leaders or pastors for not attending church so they eventually end up in church on that day. The truth of the matter is that you are attending the church service just to avoid being asked several questions for not attending and to also avoid telling lies or giving excuses. You are not in church to receive from God and be blessed but to please your pastor and church leaders. This is totally a waste of time; there is no need going to church if your prime motive is not to get connected to your God.

  1. Because You Are A Leader Or Hold A Position

I have heard many people several times saying that they wouldn’t have attended church service if they were just members on some particulars days. If you are attending church because you are a leader then it means you are in the House of God just because of position. What happens if you handover the position? Does that mean that your presence won’t be felt that much again? Sometimes, it becomes too obvious when some people handover their positions and they are not active in church again. The fact that you have handed over some positions does not mean that you have retired from active service for the Lord.

  1. You Are On Program Or Have A Role To Play

Are you part of those who only attend church when they are on program to minister whether song ministration, preaching, leading prayer sessions or being the MC. It is funny how these group of people sometimes get angry if the attendance was poor. Who should come and listen to you speak when you do not like attending church service to listen to other people too?

  1. Meeting Someone In Church Or Meetings After Church

Do you sometimes find yourself in church because someone requested to meet you after closing? Surprisingly, some people show clear attitude of not desiring to attend church at all so they will set off to the church premises when it is almost time of closing to meet the person who wants to meet them after closing. It is a bad attitude and a reason to be in church. Note that you are there because of meetings but not to encounter God. When this happens, the house of God becomes a meeting place just like any normal conference room but not a place to encounter the supernatural.

  1. To show off

Have you realized that some people out of the blue will surface and come to show off, dance for all to see when they have new and beautiful dresses, cars, latest phones and other material things? These group of people are in the church just to make a show of their possessions. Remember that church service is not a fashion show.

  1. For Entitlements and Social Benefits

I have come across many people who openly told me that they started attending church because they want the church to officiate their funeral services when they die and get other welfare packages such as loss of relatives, wedding ceremonies, naming ceremonies and during time of sickness. Some people are simply in the church for benefits but not because of salvation.

  1. To avoid the “sinners tag” on those who don’t go to church

In my neighborhood, almost everyone who knows you may question you to know why you could not attend church on a Sunday morning. The more you stay in the house without attending church, the more people may place a tag on you as a “sinner”, hence always avoiding the house of God.  To avoid name calling and continuous pestering of people to know why they could not attend church, people eventually find themselves in churches just to satisfy their neighbours.

  1. When things are going well in your life only

There are a lot of people who stay in the house and refuse to attend church because of financial crisis. It is worrying to attend church when you do not even have a coin on you for transport or offering but to some people, one should only attend church when the person is well off in life. That is a bad idea. Worshipping God should not be from your abundance. The rich and the poor alike are to worship God unconditionally. In Romans 8:31, the Apostle Paul asked a profound question:  Can anything ever separate us from Christ’s love? Does it mean he no longer loves us if we have trouble or calamity, or are persecuted, or hungry, or destitute, or in danger, or threatened with death?. Never allow your temporary hardships in life determine you permanent position in life. 

  1. Staying at home is boring

It is high time people stopped taking the house of God for entertainment. Though it’s fun being in the House of God, the prime motive of attending church should not be to kill boredom. There is comfort, joy and inner peace and happiness in the word of God but your prime motive for attending church should not be to kill your boredom. It is better to go to a movie house if you know you are only in the church for entertainment.

  1. When You Think Christianity Is All About Attending Church

To a lot of people, salvation is attained through attending church and that ends it. Oh really? How about attending school and making sure that you do not miss any lecture but at the end of the day, you cannot graduate and have any certificate since your name is not registered in the books as a student. Attending church alone without registering your name in the book of life is dangerous. You have to work out your salvation by first accepting Jesus Christ as your LORD and Savior and living according to the Word of God but not merely attending church.

  1. For social networks

Do you know that most of the business tycoons, celebrities, experts and some iconic people you are looking for can be found in the churches? There are some people in some churches because a particular person they admire also attends that church and they will do everything possible to worm their way through to stay connected to these people. Are you attending church because your favourite celebrities or stars are also attending that church or you are doing so to seek your salvation for eternal life? Think about this well.

  1. For the Pride of Attending a Popular Preacher’s Church

There are some people who are in some churches because their founders or leaders preach on TV or some celebrities and some caliber of rich businessmen attend those churches. Some people just take pride in being in the same church with some popular people.

  1. For Parties and Celebrations

There are some people who are always alert to look out for churches which are organizing parties, breakfast meetings, get-togethers and other events where food and drinks will be served. Know that you are in church because of salvation but to quench your starvation.

Afterthougt Points

Here are two additional points added after the original article which ended with 13 bad reasons why people attend church. Enjoy your reading.

14. Marital Partner & Baby Seekers

Have you realized that there are some ladies in the church that will attend all forms of church gatherings, dress in their very best and try to play active roles in the church? Most of these women are only looking for husbands. As soon as they marry, their attitudes towards the things of God change and their commitment reduces sharply. This is one of the worst reasons why people attend church.

15. For Money and other material blessings

How about the man who has listened to the prosperity sermons of pastors and doing everything possible to hit the jackpot in the church. These days, many pastors are just concerned about prosperity in material blessings more than the prosperity of the souls of the members to be fully secured in the book of life. There are many people in the house of God who are there just to seek financial breakthroughs and as soon as they get the money, their attitudes toward church service and the things of God change totally.  Seek the Creator instead of the creation. Seek first the kingdom of God and its righteousness and all other things shall be added onto you.

Did we miss anything? Kindly share your experiences with.

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Imagine These Things On The Day of Rapture

Imagine an aeroplane flying at a high altitude and as soon as the pilot made a move to land, the rapture occurred and both the pilot and the copilot in the cabin are raptured away. Imagine the big crash, the disaster and the lives that will be lost.

Imagine a driver driving at 160Kph in a private or commercial vehicle on a highway and he is caught up within a twinkling of an eye. Just imagine the collisions on the highway where drivers are raptured away. Imagine the confusion and the serious traffic jam that will occur when drivers are missing, leaving their cars to crash with others.

Imagine a beautiful wedding, where the auditorium is filled to its capacity. The newly wedded couple stand in dazzling beauty and the priest said you may now kiss the bride and as soon as you open your mouth to kiss your partner, a ghostly wind passes through your mouth. You open your eyes to see that your partner, the priest and most of the people gathered around are missing.

Oh, just imagine a specialist surgeon who is busily performing a caesarian section on a critical and difficult case and he vanishes in the process of the surgery. What happens if he’s the only specialist and all other medical staffs around him are only observers who are learning under him for the first time?

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Imagine a man who has a heart failure and luckily for him, someone has donated a heart to be transplanted for him to survive. His weak heart has been removed and the other person’s heart is to be fixed when all of a sudden, all the surgeons vanish into thin air through the rapture. You will sit there waiting for a new heart and live again but you will surely die.

And oh, how about the donor rather vanishing and being raptured away immediately the doctors take away his clothes and are about take his heart and donate to another person and the donor is rather raptured with his heart.

Imagine having a romantic time with your love and your partner asks you to close your eyes for a surprise. You closed your eyes indeed for a long time but there was no show; you opened your eyes only to realize that your partner has vanished from you leaving behind the clothes.

Imagine a midwife putting in much effort to deliver a pregnant woman of her triplets and as the baby showed the head, the midwife and all the nurses vanished. And how will it look like if it’s rather the pregnant woman in labour whose labour is cut short and is raptured away?

Imagine living in holiness and purity for a long time, resisting all manner of evil and temptation for a long time and that has become your hallmark of strong character and integrity and now, the slightest compromise to stoop low and cheat on your partner because you could no longer resist the temptation from a friend or a coworker makes you miss the rapture the moment you decided to sin.

Imagine preaching with much power and authority with a loud voice and clarity, espousing the dangers of missing heaven and going to hell and your message breaks the hearts of your listeners, they surrender their lives to Christ and before you could finish praying for them, the rapture occurred and all those you are praying for are raptured away and you are still standing there sweating and holding your Bible. You miss heaven because you live a double and a hypocritical life. Just imagine this.

Imagine a young man or woman who has been coming to you to talk to you about Christ and you always argue with the person, insult and sometimes embarrass the person. Imagine giving that person a tough time and immediately he or she leaves your presence, the rapture occurs and there you will believe and wish you had listened to that person but it will be too late.

Imagine the shocked and disturbed face you will wear when you devote your entire lie for the work of God; you spent almost all your entire life working for God, moving from one rally and church program to another, the countless all night services, the difficult and challenging days of fasting and prayers without food and sometimes without even water, the determined desire and passion to remain pure and only to miss the rapture on that faithful day.

Imagine how you will regret and be a laughing stock among unbelievers if after all your routine sermons of asking them to live a holy and acceptable life and make it for heaven and you yourself cannot make it.

Can you imagine? Imagine these things on the day of rapture.

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12 Ways Some Pastors and Preachers Discriminate & Reject Programs & People

Recently, I was having time with a friend who has been doing a lot of speaking engagements from one church to another. He received a call from an event organizer inviting him to minister at a children’s program but he did not honour the invitation on the grounds that they were just children. He was looking for adults to speak to them but not children and besides, children’s program do not necessarily attract good honorarium.

His words cut my heart like a sharp arrow shot through it. This was somebody who used to accept all invitations when his fame had not yet reached the limelight. As I pondered on the whole issue, I caught some wisdom and understanding to share with my dearest readers.  Here are some of the ways some pastors and preachers discriminate and reject programs and some people in their ministry.

12 Ways Some Pastors And Preachers Discriminate & Reject Programs & People

  1. Pride – Feeling Too Big For Some Programs

When pride finally finds its way into your head and heart as a pastor or any preacher, you will feel that some people don’t deserve your attention to listen to Gospel of Christ. To some preachers, their levels have changed so they do not honour some invitations. Oh really? Your levels may change but the truth is the gospel has not changed. There are no levels of salvation; the truth is just one. Why should people come to you and beg you several times before you accept to minister in their churches if there are no genuine reasons for which you cannot honour it? Remember, God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble (1 Peter 5:5).

Man of God, we bless the Almighty for the grace and spiritual gifts of God on your life but to do “pick and choose” without the will of God is a foul cry to the integrity of the ministerial work.

  1. Feeling The Crowd Is Too Small For You

I have heard pastors and preachers complained bitterly and swore never to preach on some platforms again because the membership was too small. To them, they are mega church preachers or pastors. Oh really? I see. How about Jesus Christ who began His ministry with personal evangelism? Jesus did not feel too big too to spread the gospel to individuals. In fact, He did not call His disciples from a mega church crusade. Are there some people that are too small to hear the word of God?

Let’s remember our beginning our Ministers of God. Some preachers even had to beg people to attend their churches when they had no members at all but these same preachers are now looking down on some groups because they are too small. No one is too small or big to listen to the Gospel of salvation (1 Cor. 10:33, 2 Tim. 2:10).

Before God, everyone needs to hear the gospel and come to repentance. How will they hear if you discriminate and reject these smaller groups? (Rom. 10:14).

  1. When Age Becomes A Barrier To Spread The Gospel – They Are Just Children

My friends, the preacher eventually refused to honour the invitation because it was a children’s program. In Matt. 19:14, Jesus said, let all the children come to me but here is a preacher who has turned down the invitation of a religious program because he felt membership was not to his expectation in age wise.

Today, many preachers want platforms to minister to only adults. Ministering to children is sometimes ignored but you have no idea what the future holds for them. It’s easier to train soft hearted children than hardened adults. Train the child the way he should go and he won’t depart from it when he grows (Prov. 22:6).

  1. When Anticipated Honorarium Will Be Smaller Than Expected Amount

Due to the nature of my work as a motivational speaker, a preacher and a writer and a blogger, I have come across a lot of preachers who refused to honour some programs because the honorarium they will be given at the end will be too small. And I have also come across a lot of preachers who also reject those money no matter how big or small. To the latter, they should not be paid before people can hear the Word of God. And where the money is forced on them, they give it back as offering in the same church before leaving. Do not let your crave for money discriminate and deprive others to hear the word of God.

  1. When Distance Becomes A Problem

Here is another group of pastors and preachers who reject preaching appointments because the venues are too far. The early prophets, preachers and apostles travelled very far for days and months on foot, animals and by ship before reaching their destinations to minister. Returning to their homes calls for another trouble and yet they never complained. Some had to walk and travel for long distances without even honorariums, travelling allowances and other benefits and yet, their joy was to spread the gospel to save dying souls.

In our days, many pastors and preachers have the fastest and flashy cars. Some are even lucky to have their own private jets and yet, they still reject preaching appointments on the grounds of far distance.

  1. When Communication Becomes A Problem

Sometimes, medium of communication becomes one of the reasons why some preachers reject preaching appointments. This happens when one is expected to speak especially in a particular language and he knows that he is not fluent. Preachers who cannot express themselves well in some languages tend to avoid preaching appointments more especially if the target group is a youthful group. The preacher is likely to be ridiculed. Communication flows best when one is able to express himself or herself in the language he/she can speak best.

In such instances, it is advisable for preachers to honour such invitations with interpreters.

  1. Giving More Attention To A Particular Tribe, Race, Kinsmen, Family and Financial Status

As a preacher, you do not have to discriminate the preaching of the gospel based on tribe, race, kinsmen or family status. Remember that Jesus Christ came to die for all men but not to a particular tribe or race.

  1. When Churches Are Established in Rich And Elite Communities

Do you know that some churches are for the elites or the financial gurus in the communities? Those churches have no branches in poor villages. They have more branches in the capital cities and rich communities than in the villages. Some pastors will not accept posting to such communities but prefer to be the in the cities and enjoy all the good and flashy things in the world.

The poor cannot stay in the church because the flamboyant lifestyles alone of the rich will push them away. And how about offering time? It is disheartening to be in a church where the rich do “show” with their money and you do not have any money in your pocket or purse.

  1. When Expectation Is Based On Higher Education And Deeper Knowledge

I have also come across some preachers who have blatantly rejected some preaching appointments due to the caliber of people they were to minister to them. Normally, such churches are filled with high elite classes of people ranging from all professions and highest level of education. As a result, some preachers fear to accept such invitations for fear of ridicule and embarrassing themselves when expectations are not met.

  1. Lack of Preparation

The Bible emphatically said that a man never give what he doesn’t have. Preparation is a key factor when it comes to ministering the word of God. Sometimes, it becomes too obvious when preachers try to run a commentary around the main text chosen and beat about the bush. The well informed membership realizes that the preacher has not prepared adequately enough to deliver a good message. When members feel that their time spent in the house of God is not worth what they have received from the pulpit, disaster begins to set in gradually and eventually affect the commitment and attendance of such members.

  1. When Smaller Churches Want To Use “Big Pastors” To Grow Their Churches

If you are a young preacher or pastor but wants to take advantage of the fame of senior ministers’ presence to advertise your church and grow it, then you are likely to be shown the red card. Rather, feed the people with the right message, when their lives are touched and transformed, they will remain in the church and bring others to join.

  1. Poor Relationship With Invited Preachers

Many people honour invitations based on relationships. Regardless of how small your membership may be, “big or mega church preachers” may honour your invitation to preach in your church when you become like a son, a mentee and a brother to them. The advice here is that, develop a relationship and build the capacity to host people before inviting them.

And now, pastors and preachers, how have you discriminated and rejected some programs and some people? Is that really a mark of a true disciple who is seeking to bring all to the saving knowledge of God?

Is God happy about your attitudes towards smaller groups when you reject them because they are small? Is God happy because you are discriminating and rejecting children’s program because they are children?

Does it mean that some people do not deserve to hear the gospel if you discriminate and reject them based on the above?

Share your experience by telling us about ways Some Pastors and Preachers Discriminate & Reject Programs & People.