The 5 Key People You Need To Scale Your Business: Jonathan Adzokpe

The 5 Key People You Need To Scale Your Business. Over the past few months or so, I have had the privilege of meeting some really great people who are doing awesome things in life. I am not talking of the superfluous, showy, social media hype…these are people doing amazing things and who you might not regard if you saw them on the street somewhere.

As I studied them and observe the group of people I have been attracting over the past few years, I have realized that there are certain crops of people you need in order to scale in life, especially if you are a business person. This list may not be exhaustive. But I am sure when you take a critical look at anyone who is doing some amazing things; you will notice that they have these people on their team.

  1. One who supports you in prayer
    Business in itself is tough. You are going to deal with many things at a time. You’re dealing with employees, shareholders, board of directors, suppliers, and clients. And you are assured that you will have some really stubborn people as part of this list. As a business leader, you will grow weary when all these people make daily demands on you. What you need in business, therefore, goes beyond just strategy and the ability to execute. You need serious prayers. There are times you might be weak to pray; this is where someone who supports you in prayer comes in. It could be a parent, a sibling, a partner, or just anyone who is genuinely interested in your growth as a person. If you fail to have such a person in your life, you’re sure to do so much but see little results.

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  1. An investor

I spent last night on the phone with a friend who runs one of Ghana’s leading private equity firms (and he’s never made mention of this on social media). He educated me on what investors like to see in a business before they invest in your business. One sad reality he told me was that, the reason many Ghanaian businesses may never scale up is because they are not scalable (Maybe I will write a post on his lecture with me some other time). I asked him a simple question: What do I need to do in our business to attract investments? It turned out to be an hour-long lecture. As a business person, do you have someone like this as a friend, partner or part of your board? Well, unless you’re looking to running a table-top business, you can decide to ignore it.

  1. A corporate lawyer

The general notion is that legal services are expensive. Of course they ought to be. They are not for the faint-hearted. However, a corporate lawyer will save you a great deal if you can invest just some money in having one of them on your team. He/she will guide you in making the right legal decisions such as: patenting your ideas, trademarking, and also helping to put your contracts together for you.

What many do is to go online to cut and paste legal contracts. Do you really understand those oft-confusing legal terms? I don’t see why you want to worry your head over such terms. Leave them for the experts to do for you. Don’t be stingy. Invest in a corporate lawyer.

  1. An accountant

A client of ours who has turned into a friend took me through some really serious accounting lecture recently at the mall. He has worked with one of the world’s leading beverage manufacturing companies and has hands-on experience in accounting. Since I met him, our records keeping in our companies have improved greatly.

Today, we are able to measure certain parameters to make important decisions that we hitherto were not making. You need such a person to help you know what expenses to eliminate, how to keep up-to-date balance sheet and all the “accounting sheets.” Whatever you don’t measure, you can’t improve. Period!

  1. A marketer

Business is not what goes on in the office. Business is on the field. Even as we have a marketing department, I have a mentor who takes me through such marketing lessons; how to better position ourselves to attract big sales. And I am blessed to have him double as my mentor in operations. When all is said and done, it is the sales that come in that will run your business.

Now, you don’t need people who have theoretical knowledge of these subjects. Those could be poisonous. You might even be better off without them. Get someone who has been on the job for a while. When you do, you will be amazed at the level of growth you will experience in no time….that is if you’re ready to listen to them and act by what they say. Of course you need to have your own sense of judgment, guided by the Holy Spirit, to make the right decisions.

You can call this Business 101.

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11 Reasons Why Too ‘Normal People’ Cannot Succeed In Life: Pastor Isaac Bediako

Reasons Why Too ‘Normal People’ Cannot Succeed In Life

 ‘And David said unto Saul, thy servant kept his father’s sheep, and there came a lion, and a bear, and took a lamb out of the flock. And I went out after him, and smote him, and delivered it out of his mouth: and when he arose against me, I caught him by his beard, and smote him, and slew him”, 1 Samuel 17:34-35.

If I asked you to describe David with one word after reading the account of his encounters with the lion and bear, what will you say? MADNESS! Exactly!  It’s either you saw this in a movie or he’s really a mad person. Period!

One striking thing you will come across after reading his story in the Bible was he chose not to do things in a normal way.  It wasn’t that he was an abnormal person but his actions and choices in life defied generally accepted norms and tradition.

Lessons about Normal People’s Life

  1. Normal people fear to take risk

Normal people don’t go after lions and bears because of one sheep. It will be foolish to lose your life over one sheep. These are the caliber of people who will never attempt anything that involves too much risk and may seek such adventures as “crazy or stupid”.

  1. They fear for their lives

Normal people don’t attempt removing a sheep from a lion’s mouth. Do you want to die or it’s your first time to die?  To the normal person, it is safe not to try that idea or project.

  1. Run for your life – No attempt to try something

Normal people don’t take a stand to fight lions and bears…what happens to the saying “run for your life!”

  1. Normal people will suppress and oppose anyone who makes attempt.

When David decided to challenge Goliath to a fight, most of the soldiers taught he was a “mad man”…because the popular opinion then was that Goliath was too powerful, too experienced and untouchable. The soldiers, his brothers and the king tried to oppose him not to dare anything.

  1. It’s okay to just follow the status quo

Normal people always follow the status quo and the best they become is average. In the history of the world, average people hardly make impact. They are too normal to succeed. I have seen gifted, talented and educated people who didn’t amount to anything just because they were not ‘mad’ enough to succeed. And I have also seen people who had nothing but just a little madness… and they are making it big.

  1. Normal people are bereft of creativity

Normal people seem to be okay and content with normal life, blessings and normal results instead of yearning for perfection, excellence and mastery. To the normal person, there is no need thinking that hard when it can be done the same old way. Normal people are bereft of ideas. There is no creativity. They take solace in longevity without creativity.

  1. Normal people choose the easy and common road in life

Have you ever seen a mad man who follows the crowd? Never! They always do things in uncommon ways. They follow their own passion and desire. They are always alone in their own world. Normal people just add up to the number but don’t make any difference in the numbers.

  1. Normal people lack self-belief ad confidence

Never forget this as long as you live. In this life, you may succeed even if nobody believes in you but you will never succeed if you don’t believe in yourself! David believed in his God and he was confident of that. The unbelief of his brothers, soldiers and the king amounted to nothing. People’s perceptions and belief about you are not as important as what you belief about yourself.

  1. A little ‘madness’ makes a difference

All you need is a little madness about your goals, dreams, vision and purpose in life. Refuse to be normal and act differently and see the results that await you.

  1. Normal people see only problems but others see opportunities

Normal people see problems and complain but those who are hungry for success see problems and spot ideas and big opportunities to be great in life. It all depends on how you see and perceive situations that you come across. David saw a lion and bear but he saw an opportunity to face the worst fearful situation to prepare him for the next bigger opportunity. The Israelite saw Goliath and saw an end to their lives but David saw him and realized a nice opportunity to make history to glorify God.

  1. Your perceived reward shapes and conditions your mind.

Normal people work for salary but mad people work for life. Are you working for a salary or you are working to add more meaning to life? The choice is yours. Dare to make a difference.

Writer: Pastor Isaac Bediako

(Pastor/Counselor/Writer/Life Coach)

ICGC, Life Temple, Swedru


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5 Critical Questions To Ask About Your Idea Funnel: Jonathan Adzokpe

5 Critical Questions to Ask About Your Idea Funnel. Many people beam with great ideas. In fact, there is rarely ever anyone who is without ideas. As much as it is great to know that most of us have great ideas, the truth is, these numerous ideas have crippled many from pursuing anything. For example, someone was sharing something with me a few days ago. And when I asked what was holding him back from pursuing the idea, he confessed, “Charlie, I have so many ideas that I don’t know which one to start with.”

I immediately shared in his challenge. I have been a victim of having many ideas but unable to pursue any one of them. I still do have those ideas, perhaps even more now, but by the use of a simple technique called the idea funnel, I have now been able to pursue some of those ideas.

The Idea Funnel

The idea funnel is a “screening” mechanism you need to put in place to screen out certain ideas and make clear those you have to pursue.

The truth of the matter is, not every idea that comes to your mind is yours to pursue.

Sometimes, you can share that idea with someone you believe has an interest in it and has the will to pursue the idea. Also, not every idea is ‘pursuable’. Some ideas must be discarded to make room for those you actually have to pursue. Other ideas are complementary. Pursuing one will easily lead to the other. For example after writing my book entitled ‘Study Abroad’, organizing the “Study Abroad Workshop” became complementary. One follows right after the other. In order to pursue those numerous ideas you have in your diary or journal, follow these few guidelines.

5 Guidelines for Choosing the Best Ideas

  1. Which of these ideas can I share with someone else who could pursue it?

Don’t be selfish about this. It will help you cut off those you don’t need. Which of those ideas will you not feel so much pain if you let them go? Don’t just let them go; share them with someone who could take it up.

  1. Which ideas are complementary?

These are closely related ideas and your pursuing one will lead you to the other(s). The problem with some people is that they focus too much on the complementary ideas rather than the major ones.

  1. Which idea can I pursue from today?

Ideas are time-bound. Ideas have a maturity stage. If the time for an idea is not yet due, leave it. Go on to an idea whose time is up.

The idea funnel

  1. Which of these ideas can I pursue now, with the time and resources I have? Ideas need your time and other resources to kick-start. If an idea will require more time and money, for example, than you can afford right now, leave them for a later date.
  1. Who can I speak to about this idea?

The fact that it is your idea doesn’t mean you pursue it all alone. Your ideas aren’t too unique from what others have done in the past. In a discussion with a friend three days ago, I discussed my next major project with him, and he advised I spoke to two people who have shown so much exception in that field.

There is always someone who’s gone ahead of you to do what you want to do. And oh! Don’t ever pursue such people and expect them to sign a confidentiality agreement before you share your thoughts with them for their counsel. That is a sign of disrespect. You are the one in need of counsel here, not them. They can steal your idea, but may not pursue it with the enthusiasm you have. Speak to at least someone about your idea. It helps and it’s worth it.

So here you are. They are your idea funnel through which to screen them. They have helped me, and I believe they will help you, too.

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One Talent, Multiple Streams of Income: Jonathan Adzokpe

In our world today, it is simply impossible to live well by depending entirely on one stream of income. As we advance as a nation and a people, our spending habits are becoming more complex with their associated cost. You can be the most frugal person on earth yet a round trip to and fro the capital city of Accra could get you to spend close to GH¢ 20 on transport alone.

If you are like me who barely stays at home and always on the move, mostly except Sundays, you are spending close to GH¢500 a month on transport alone. That sounds scary for anyone whose salary is just above the GH¢500 line. According to some research I chanced on recently, the average Ghanaian spends more on food than any other single expense. The research report went on to state that the average Ghanaian spends about 80% of their income on food alone.

I am giving you these statistics to appreciate how much you need just to live well especially when you are resident in the major cities of Ghana. A salary of GH¢1000 to GH¢ 1500 could even get you struggling. In fact, I have personal friends earning five times that amount and yet go on to borrow before the next payday. Please, don’t say in your mind that they are wasteful. Earning income is such that, the more you earn, the higher your expenses will rise.

Now here’s the thing: this simple exposition gives us an impression of how you can’t rely on one source of income. You have to think deep to know how you can make good use of that one talent you have identified. Let me use my situation to cite an example for you. I identified the talent of teaching way back in secondary school. From there, I taught for a year before going to the university, and I have continued along that line ever since. It is my talent.

From that single talent of teaching, I realized I could write. I started writing one-page articles till I graduated to writing books. One book, just one, inspired our company, Hetura Books. Aside these, I am invited to speak at various fora; some of which bring in some cash. Recently, I started another firm, to cater for the human capital needs of especially students. More other plans are underway. From this talent of teaching, I do research for clients. Thus you will imagine that out of just one talent, I have developed these multiple streams and I look forward to doing even more.

Is it that I am money-conscious? No! The situation has demanded of us to do more with little. You can’t sit down and do just one thing especially when you have a talent. Doing multiple things with a single talent is not exclusive to just a few talents. Whatever you are talented at, with some thinking and assessment, you can easily monetize them. I don’t know why I am moved to share these principles with you since yesterday but I am sure that is what you need to improve on your finances.

In my next couple of posts, I will share some ideas on how other talents could be pursued in multiple ways simultaneously. But my motivation is not for you to just read these pieces. Please let them stir something within you to cause you to take the necessary action.

Thanks for reading this article from Please feel free to share your views us with about how one can use just one talent for multiple streams of income.


Monetizing Your Experience: Jonathan Adzokpe

Over the past years, we have been taught to identify our talents and use them to our benefit. That is right. I believe beyond our talents, we can also monetize our experiences. Whatsoever you are going through or have gone through, there are many more thousands and millions of people who will also go through the same experience.

Most of the good books we read are people’s experiences they narrate for us to learn from. And I have personally said that one of the greatest follies is to go through the very experiences that others have gone through that you could have easily learnt from them. So, you can think on how to make money from your experiences.

You might ask: who is interested in my experience? Well, you never know until you package your experiences and sell it to the right audience. It could be a broken heart you went through successfully; I can assure you there are millions of people going through that on a daily basis and need guidance on how to come out of it. Your experience could prove useful to them; and, you might just make some cash.

Let me give you a personal example: there are thousands of people who travel to study every year. When I got the opportunity to do so, I had a couple of people asking me how they could go about admission, seeking for funding, etc. As the number of people increased, the more convinced I got that I could package my entire experience into something tangible that I could monetize. Then the idea to write Study Abroad came up.

Today, Study Abroad is almost done with printing but the number of orders we have received is mouth-watering. I didn’t end there. I know there are other segments of people who might not necessarily have the opportunity to read the book. So, I thought of organizing a nationwide workshop for them to learn the very experiences I encountered when I found myself in the processes of studying abroad. And this is going to be annual.

So, for that single experience, you can imagine the number of opportunities I have created out of them. There are other deals coming out of this single experience of mine that I would tell you perhaps in a future post. But all I am saying is that, you don’t need an experience like mine to package and possibly, make money out of it. Just any experience is worth sharing. And it is those who share who get the best things of life, money included! Don’t just go through the experience alone. Share them with others. They will pay you for doing that!

Writer: Jonathan Adzokpe

Lecturer, Kwame University of Science and Technology

CEO of Hetura Books


10 Things Every Christian Should Do At The Workplace

Christians all over the world pass through many challenging times in their workplaces. Sometimes, Christians face serious hostilities upon disclosure of their identity as Christians. Despite the challenges you go through at work, it behoves every Christian to ensure proper sanity at work and observe some rules. It is important for every Christian to take note of these.

10 things every Christian should do at the workplace.

  1. Do not always use working hours to read Bible and Pray

You are employed to work within a stipulated time period. It is not advisable for a Christian to be using working hours to be reading Bible and praying instead of working. One may only do this when there is no work at all but it will be advisable to do this earlier before work commences, during lunch breaks and closing time.

  1. Do not Break Company Rules

It is better to quit your job and look for a better one if you are a Christian and you realize that some of the rules, regulations and bylaws in your workplace do not conform to your Christian beliefs and practices. Breaking rules contrary to your faith will only tarnish your image, destroy your records and may be a negative point of reference on you in the near future when you stand for a higher position.

  1. Be An Example

As a Christian, you are supposed to be a good example in everything you do in the workplace. In 1 Timothy 4:12, the Bible entreats all Christians to be an example to people in word, actions and in any way possible. Know that you have failed as a Christian if your coworkers cannot even identify you as a Christian.

  1. Do not Discriminate

The fact that one does not share the same or similar beliefs and practices with you does not mean you should discriminate. A good Christian should not be interested in forming cliques. This is not to say you should equally yoke together with unbelievers and corrupt your manners. How will you win them for Christ if they see your discriminatory actions against them?

  1. Do not force your religion on others

The world is full of people with different religious backgrounds. Trying to force your religion on people will cause hatred, rejection from peers and eventually destroy relationship and friendship. It will be better to accept them, love and teach them until they understand you and your religion. Remember, you are not a ‘religious terrorist’ to force your religion on people.

  1. Set High Moral Standards

As a Christian, you must live and make impact everywhere you find yourself. Christianity is not a religion but a practical life experience to live like Christ and eschew all manner of immoral and corrupt activities. Let your life be the standard and benchmark for others to emulate.

  1. Live at peace with everyone

In Rom. 12:18, the Bible admonishes us to live at peace with everyone, if possible. Jesus Christ did not come to divide us but to unite us. Before Jesus departed, He prayed and wished that the disciples and the church of God will be one and live at peace with each other (John 17:21)

  1. Do not compromise your Christian Virtues

Most often, some Christians hide their identity when they are in office uniforms and conform to the corrupt practices in the world and in the workplace. In Rom. 12:2, the Bible admonishes us not to conform to the world. Live above the standards of the world.

  1. Be truthful and transparent

A Christian that is full of lies, crooked ways and not transparent in transactions is a bad example to the world. He who practices this is no different from the unbeliever who is ready to cheat the system for his parochial interest.

  1. Avoid Conflict of Interest and Illegal Activities

As a Christian, you must know that you were employed to render a particular service payable at the end of every month or upon execution of contract. Know that it is sinful to be engaged in illegal activities and any other activity which conflicts the interest of the company.

Thanks for reading this article from Please feel free to share with all friends and loved ones. Kindly tell us your views on other things Christians should do at their workplaces.