Sunday, August 25, 2019
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JOKE: Name One Animal That Lives In Water

Joke of the Day: Name One Animal That Lives In Water. Sometimes, students ask either funny and weird questions and also give answers that will keep you...

JOKE: Which One Is More Dangerous?

Which one is more dangerous, the murder case or the process of registering marriage? The choice is yours to make about this joke: Which is...

A Telephone Conversation

A telephone conversation between Kimpo and Celine, a difficult young lady who doesn’t want to give attention to him knowing well that Kimpo was...

3 Jokes About A Troublesome Kid And His Teacher

Have you ever come across a stubborn child who makes life a living hell for all those around him or her? Well, read and...

Marriage Anniversary

A Conversation between a husband and wife about their marriage anniversary. Wife:               Honey, today is our 14th Wedding Anniversary Hubby:            Oh really Wife:  ...

Comedy Test 1

Time to laugh. Funny Comedy Test. Mid Term Test

American Vs Ghanaian Conversation

American Vs Ghanaian Conversation. Which of these jokes apply to you, the American or the Ghanaian Conversation?

Caption This Picture of the Week

Sometimes, some people especially ladies, can take some weird pictures leaving many people wondering whether it was deliberate, madness, fun or otherwise. A lot of...

Funny Divorce Joke

After a series of hot arguments which were not resolved, a couple went to a divorce court to sever ties with each other after...