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Not All Enemies Are Enemies

One day, many people will wake up and realized that the people they perceived as enemies, prayed against them, cursed them with the bitterest of all pains and plotted their downfall if possible were not enemies at all.

Sometimes, God plants some people in your life to play the devil’s advocate but they are not the real enemy. Those people are only there in your life to make you feel uncomfortable in your current situation to fight harder. Some are in your life as critics and people who will keep you in check of your life so you will not make mistakes because of what they can do to you. Indirectly, these people are helping to shape your life to cut off the rough edges that will not assist you in any way. If God were to listen to all prayers against people’s enemies, you will realize that many people may cease to do very well in life because the only person who keeps them in check to do the right thing might be the very one considered as enemies.

A story was told of some baboons and monkeys that experienced a serious headache from a man who used to chase them away from the farm where they used to feed. When the baboons and monkeys heard that the man who used to chase them away from the maize field had died, they hysterically celebrated. The following year, there was no maize for them to eat and real famine stared them in the face. That was when they painfully realized the dead man was the farmer.

Young Joseph was sold into slavery by his own brothers. I believed that initially, he might have considered his own brothers as his archenemies but he later realized that it was all for his own good. He finally understood it all and declared in Genesis 50:20 that you meant it all for evil but God meant it for good for my sake.

If you don’t understand the mysterious ways of God, you will easily attribute every negative thing or negative person around you to the works of the devil or your enemies. In fact, not all enemies are enemies at all. Some are blessings in disguise. Without enemies, God may not set a table before you in the presence of your enemies.

Remember, not all enemies are enemies! Some could be the real engine of your success but you may not know it. When praying against people you do not like, be careful what you wish and pray for them. Be careful not to curse anyone anyhow in life!

Life Issues

16 Consequences Of Living Your Life Anyhow

Many a time, I hear people exclaiming, “Leave me alone! It’s my own life. You cannot dictate to me on how I should live my life”. That statement is very true. I’m pretty sure that you may have also made such statements before. Inasmuch as your life should not be controlled by the people around you but according to plan, purpose and your vision on earth, you must know that there are, however, consequences for living your life anyhow.

Most of the time, people are not aware of the consequences of some habits and they are however taken by surprise for living their lives anyhow. Whether you are fully aware of the consequences of your actions and inactions or not, or you are simply ignorant of the consequences, you will surely suffer the consequences in future if you do not pay attention to some things now.

In this article, I bring you the 16 consequences of living your life anyhow. When done reading, kindly tell us your views and experiences by commenting in the comment box.

16 Consequences Of Living Your Life Anyhow

  1. Your dreams and visions will not be realized
  1. You will always be working for other people and even perhaps, after retirement.
  1. You will always be blaming people for being the cause of your unprogressive life.
  1. You will be finding excuses in life that nobody was willing to assist you in life.
  1. You may be tempted to believe that witches and demons are destroying your destiny.
  1. False prophets and pastors can easily deceive and defraud you since you may be desperate for solutions.

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  1. People may not respect you in society.
  2. Rising into places of leadership positions and promotions may be difficult since you may not have good track records of high moral values and standards in life.
  1. Many people may not be proud to associate with you.
  1. You are likely to suffer a divorce or a bad marital relationship.
  1. Your family and friends are likely to reject you.
  1. You stand the risk of having health problems if you live a careless life without considering the consequences of some habits in your own life.
  1. You become a bad example for people.
  1. Your old age will be very boring. If you live your life anyhow where your own partner may divorce or reject, where your children, family, and friends do no longer regard you, you will find out that life is very boring and you will feel very lonely during your old age. I guess you do not want to die feeling lonely.
  1. Judgment awaits you for whatever you say or do (Matthew 12:36-37)
  1. Finally, you may likely end up in hellfire when you die.

Remember that you do not own your life. Do not just live the way it pleases you. God has given us our will and we have the right to make any choice for our lives but remember that there is a day of accountability.

The Bible said in Hebrews 9:27 that it is appointed unto man to die once and after that, face judgment. For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each of us may receive what is due us for the things done while in the body, whether good or bad (2 Cor. 5:10).

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Life Issues

10 Lessons From Bill Gates Queuing To Buy Burger

Over the weekends, pictures of Bill Gates, the richest man in the world popped up on the internet patiently waiting in a queue for his turn to get buy a burger from a local shop. The picture which was first uploaded on Facebook went viral on social media. Well, it is not someone like Bill Gates standing in a queue to buy a burger that matters to me but the rich lessons one has to learn from him.

In this article, I bring you 10 lessons to learn from Bills Gates attitude of queueing to buy a burger. When done reading, kindly share your views with us

10 Lessons From Bill Gates Queuing To Buy Food

  1. Join the queue: Some people want to be treated more special than any other person because of their money but you have to learn to join the queues in life. The fact that you have money more than everybody does not mean that you are more important than everyone. There are queues in life, join them.
  2. Learn to be a simple man regardless of your wealth. Bill Gates was not spotted wearing the most expensive of all clothing but in simple wear.
  3. Don’t take life too complex. Bill Gates was not spotted with about 10 security guards parading around him to create a scene
  4. Don’t pull the crowd to draw attention just because you alone are in town. In Africa, some rich businessmen and pastors will come in convoy
  5. Don’t force yourself to be a celebrity when you know you are not. Bill Gates doesn’t see himself to as a celebrity and doesn’t behave like those people. Learn to live your normal life and don’t raise yourself up.
  6. As you climb higher in life, you will realize that it is needless to be seeking unnecessary attention for nothing just be heard in the news.
  7. Bill Gates did not pay the media and use crooked means to be popular but through hard work. Let your works speak for you and make the noise but not through your efforts.
  8. When God blesses you and lifts you up, don’t raise yourself above the level God has positioned you.
  9. Don’t look down on people and disrespect them because you have money today. Bill Gates had respect for even the youngest person over there in the shop and joined the queue. Everybody is important.
  10. Be a good example to your followers but not a bad one. Whatever you do, people are watching and learning from you.

What are your views on the 10 lessons to learn from Bill Gates queueing to buy a burger from a local shop? Tell us your views by commenting in the comment box below. 


Life Issues


I’ve never seen anyone that wakes up each morning and goes straight to pick up yesterday’s rubbish in the dustbin or trashcan to use them again. It doesn’t happen this way and it’s not normal to have such event in real life situation. You leave the rubbish in the dustbin.

It’s called trashcan or dustbin because that’s where the trashes of life belong but not in your heart or life. Don’t keep them there.

Try going to the dustbin for the old rubbish and then you will realize that you will be

. Uncomfortable

. Smelling

. Lose your confidence

. Can’t mingle with people

. Spoil your garment (the beauty of life)

The above list is what happens to you whenever you wake up and start thinking about yesterday’s problems. What is past is past! Learn from the worst experiences and the negative things in life, give thanks to God for delivering you from them, move on in life and hope for the best in Christ Jesus.

We are far better off without some people and some things in life than to have them around and life will be meaningless. Anything that has been put in the dustbin has finished its purpose in your life and the next best place to put them is the dustbin. You spoil the ambience and smell of your life and room when you keep them around you. They will smell and spoil the beauty of your life. Drop them in the dustbin.

There is total sanity in your life when you are alone than with people who make you go insane. Don’t cry when you lose some friends, some people or some things in life. May be, they have finished serving their purpose. Don’t play with matters of the heart. They can render you useless and cause you so much pain in life. Tell yourself that, “My Heart Is Not A Dustbin”. “I won’t allow anything negative into my heart; it belongs to the dustbin”.

Remember, anyone that doesn’t deserve your love, time and money is a trap to your soul and an ingredient for unhappy life.

Free yourself off any thought that hurts. Anyone that comes to mess up your life is not sent by God because God promised us in Jeremiah 29:11 that I know the plans I have for you; plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a better future you hope for

Tell yourself, “It is well with my soul” when you encounter any situation in life. Remember that your heart is not a dustbin.

Life Issues

Your Success Can Lead To Your Assassination

Your success can lead to your assassination in life. The day David was recognized as a national hero for killing Goliath and the women composed a song to praise him, Saul started plotting different assassination attempts to take his life.

Your success in life can be a serious threat to some people and all they could do is to eliminate you at the early stages of your success before you become too powerful for them to handle. Saul angrily said to himself: “If the women have credited David to killing ten thousand and a thousand to me, what more can David get than my kingdom?” – 1 Samuel 18:6-10.

King Saul and a lot of his soldiers were now chasing David to kill him for committing no offence but for the mere fact that he led his own country into victory and saved the nation from defeat and death from the Philistines. Saul rather saw David who was a national asset as a threat.

Not all those saying congrats and singing your praises are truly happy for you. When God begins to promote you into popularity and stardom, you have to be security conscious and above all, you need to the Divine Security.

5 Things Your Success May Bring You

Gleaning from the success of David, I realized that your breakthroughs in life may not only lead to your assassination but will bring you the following as well:

  1. Fame: David was only a teenager when he killed the Philistine national champion, Goliath and that shot his name into fame and national recognition.

2. Lot of lovers: Jonathan loved David and Michal was given to David as a wife

3. Lot of Enemies: Saul, Shimei and a lot of people became David’s enemies. David had to survive many assassination attempts. Absalom, his own son later rebelled against David and wanting to kill his own father.

4. You become a threat to others: King Saul should be happy for having someone like David in his kingdom but he was rather angry and sad because he saw David as a threat to his own kingship and a possible successor to him instead of Jonathan his son.

5. Promotion: Through the anointing, David was promoted by God to succeed Saul as King. When God Himself elevates you, be careful to do exactly what He has assigned you to do.

Remember, your success can lead to your assassination so you need the divine leadings and protection of God to overcome the schemes of men and the evil one.

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Life Issues

Avoid People Who Are Like Thorn Bush

Have you ever met someone whose life is like a thorn in your flesh and anytime you have an encounter with the person, it’s normally full of regret and pain? Have you ever met someone and anytime they try to do good to you, it always end both of you in pain?

Over the years, I have come across a lot of people with varied character, religious beliefs, personal philosophies, experiences and a lot of virtues and values that make up the totality of a person’s personality. I have discovered that meeting some kind of people and being with them is hell. In fact, these people are like thorn bush and one has to avoid such people.

To those thorn bush people,

  • Give them a hug – they will pierce you to your heart.
  • Give them a friendly handshake – they will hurt you.
  • Lean on their shoulders – they will pierce and increase your pains and tears

Characteristics of People Who Are Like A Thorn Bush

 Thorn bushes have thorns all over by nature:

Meeting and living with people who are naturally incompatible with you no matter how much you try is hell. The one who befriends a snake or a scorpion should always expect a deadly bite for a friendly hug or handshake. People like that are naturally there to destroy and cause pain. The best thing to do is to avoid them.

  1. It’s their nature to pierce

In life, you are responsible for determining who qualifies to be in your life and who doesn’t qualify and needs to be kept at arm’s length. You have to know who you are and who you can accommodate in your life to either complement or complete you. You do not need people whose life suck. They will deplete your energy and destroy your happiness until you come out from such relationship. The best thing to do is to avoid them.

  1. They provide security / hedge:

Thorn bushes are normally used as hedges to provide security. People whose lives around you are like thorn bush sometimes provide you with security despite the pains they may cause you.

  1. They offer help with thorns

It will interest you to know that some fruits have thorns around them and on the tree itself. It is very dangerous to harvest the fruits of fruit bearing thorn bushes. Any offer people who are like thorn bushes will offer you seems like a trap that will keep you fixed on the hook.

Regardless of how these people, who are indeed like thorn bushes, it is possible to still live with them and be happy. In life, you just have to know who you can feel comfortable to be with and be happy being with.

Remember, Romans 12:18 says that if it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.

Have you ever experienced or encountered people who are like thorn bush? Share your experience by commenting

Life Issues

How To Value And Respect People Without Taking Them For Granted


“In life, you must learn to value, respect and appreciate the people who give you access into their lives be it on social media, physical contacts, phone calls or in ministry” Ferdinard Senyo Lawson

Sometimes, I think we take for granted the very people who are nice, kind-hearted, helpful and supportive to us and undermine their benevolence like doormats to walk over or thread upon.

The fact that someone has become your friend on social media or wherever you meet or have met them does not mean they have signed an abusive contract for them to be abused, undermined and disrespected.

Personally, I have met lots of great and wonderful people via social media especially on this platform called “FACEBOOK”. I have no doubt in my mind that the same thing applies to majority of you here on this great platform.

However, it is paramount we maintain due respect for each other regardless of titles, awards won, social statuses, money or fame, etc. Life is how you make it to be. If you want to be respected and valued as a fellow human being then, it is natural and normal to treat others in the same manner.

We should never forget this truth irrespective of how much people tolerate and accommodate us. They get tired eventually.  People give us chances into their lives for a reason and we all know there is always a time for everything under the sun. This means we don’t know when the last chance may be for us in each other’s life.

Don’t take people for granted. No matter how much they love you, people get tired eventually. We are all given chances, but the sad thing is that, we never know when the last chance may be.

Yes, in one way or the other, I have been taken for granted, and maybe I have also taken some of you for granted. This is why it is very necessary for me to write this short article to highlight the need to respect each other for who we are in each other’s life.

One of the saddest things about it all is that, many of us are pretending to hang around with some people knowing very well how they make us feel. It seems some of us are walking on egg shells just to maintain or keep some relationship on social media or in real life.

Nobody has it all, not even the richest man or saint on the planet. We all need each other to survive in this life whether we like it or not.

Personally, I used to love some people on social media so much to the point they took advantage of that, making jokes and gestures of me. Like anything else, it is shocking and it amazes me how some individuals have become so negative and myopic in their thinking!

Few months ago, someone became my friend on Facebook. Not long after that, he started misbehaving arrogantly, self-conceited and all-knowing until one day, he  in boxed me saying how he didn’t know who I was and that he was sorry for his behaviour. I didn’t mind him, but took a lesson from his misbehaviours and advised myself never to allow such person into my life again.

You see, sometimes, “silence is golden “.  What he once took for granted, he is now desperately seeking for it back.  I have principles I live my life by. I don’t behave like a dog; going back to eat my vomit. So, I have refused to let such person into my life again. “Once beaten, twice shy”

Although I have forgiven him, I learned to live my life without him and move forward to avoid unnecessary troubles (wahala) with him in the future.

My only advice is: we should never take the loved ones in life for granted irrespective of their age, gender, status, etc…. People have values and such values must be respected.

When people give you the chance to be in their life, you must not take them for granted because you can never tell when the last chance could be.


  1. Let’s learn to cherish everyone in our lives
  1. We must be ready to share knowledge and information with each other without fear or intimidation.
  1. Embrace and be receptive to each other’s ideas
  2. We must be prepared to give and receive constructive feedback from one another without feeling superior over each other.
  1. Let’s value, respect, appreciate and embrace each other’s differences but not to take others for a ride.
  1. Remember that, whoever you undermined or devalued will surely exit your life.

Above all, let us not forget that the key to treating people with respect is to treat them as we would like to be treated ourselves. People will always be people and it is beneficial to know what and how to deal with difficult people on social media especially. Having an understanding of each other will help to embrace, respect and value one another.

Good luck and shalom


Life Issues

10 Shortcuts You Should Avoid In Life

Life is sometimes like a story full of many twist and turns, like a drama full of ironies and many uncertainties. Sometimes, we don’t really get what we want. And at other times too, you will get what you want but not at the time you needed it. Sometimes too, one has to go through many processes and procedures before getting things done. These and many other reasons lead to many people becoming inpatient and desiring to use many shortcuts in life to get results.

In this article, I want to briefly discuss some 10 shortcuts you should avoid in life. When done reading, kindly share your experience and views with us.

10 Shortcuts You Should Avoid In Life

  1. Shortcut to succeed in life

There is no shortcut to succeed in life. Be patient and work on yourself, vision and gradually, you will hit the jackpot one day. Many people who dream of having a shortcut to success end up cutting off their own lives. Be patient and be wise.

  1. Shortcut to get money

Money is not an evil thing. It is the love of money and your desperate desire to get it that becomes the root of all evil. The love of money has ended many people to go to their early graves, killing innocent people and engage in many criminal activities in life.

  1. Shortcut to marry

Marriage is a process. There is no sense in rushing to marry. You can choose to ignore the rightful process of getting married but you will regret it tomorrow when your marriage faces a threat of divorce and other legal issues.

  1. Shortcut to grow in life

There is no shortcut in life to grow. I have heard some parents wish their children could grow up in life earlier so that they could have their freedom and be free from the burden of raising up kids. Sometimes, people rush to do certain things in life and only end up taking antiaging drugs to look younger. And I have also come across people who reduced or increased their ages through many dubious means just to satisfy a particular criteria in life. Be patient. Don’t increase your age or reduce it for any unlawful gains and purposes.

  1. Shortcut to finish your education

Education is a process. If you choose to go the formal way of education then be patient to go through. Stop thinking of paying people to award you with fake certificates. You can get those fake certificates but you cannot possess the kind of knowledge you needed from that institution. Be patient in life.

I have come across some crooks who can design and print any university degree certificates for you whether you have attended that university or not. These days, people buy certificates with money and sexual favours but all these are vanity. Once the truth is revealed, you should be prepared to face the consequences which have a resultant effect on losing your reputation.

  1. Shortcut to love

Love grows. There is no shortcut to love someone. Love must first be developed before it grows. The love that starts from good friendship before dating and marriage is the best. You can force yourself to love someone but be careful you don’t force yourself to hate that same person if your love runs out of stock. Nurture your love to grow.

  1. Shortcut to die

Whether you like it or not; whether you cry or not, you will surely die one day so do not be in a hurry to commit suicide and kill yourself because of a problem. Don’t kill yourself before your time. There is hope for you tomorrow so never harm yourself because of a problem.

  1. Shortcut to fame

One of the worst things people do these days is the craze and crave to become a super star hence, a lot of young ladies these days have resorted to sharing your nudes to go viral and become a star. A lot more also go into buttocks and breasts enhancements just to have a wonderful shape to become popular. Popularity without any value for posterity is vanity.

  1. Shortcuts to build your house

Another serious shortcut in life everyone needs to avoid is building your house. In building a house, you have to take into consideration, some technical and other professional requirements in order to lay a solid foundation and build your house according to plan. Without this, know that your building is a death trap to any inhabitant in that house.

  1. Shortcut for promotion

Promotion comes through hard work and merit. Never take any shortcut through bribe and offering sexual favours just to get the promotion. Promotion comes with a huge responsibility and the ability to perform. Once you got there through a shortcut without any training, experience and the required knowledge, you cannot live up to the huge responsibility. Say no to shortcuts in life.

Kindly share your views and experience with us on the article: 10 Shortcuts You Should Avoid In Life


Life Issues

Life is More Precious Than Silver And Gold.

“The value of life is more precious than silver, gold and diamond put together”, Ferdinard Senyo Lawson

I grew up in a community where love was seen, felt, and shared without any ulterior motive. My late grandmother made sure that the sheep in the next neighbour’s house never went hungry. Where is the love in our communities now?

These days, we have become judges, lawyers and executioners of each other. Genuine love has evaporated from among us. Greed, jealousy, wickedness, lynching and setting of innocent lives on fire have now taken the better parts of us. Where is the love we were once taught, given, and made to share? Nowadays, it has become normal for some people to kill, steal, and destroy friends, sisters, brothers, and even parents for the sake of being rich and wealthy. We can’t live like this. We can’t carry on like this and we must not die like this where the very people or person we were meant to express love, care and protection for is lynched, beaten, hit, punched, and stoned to death in the name of silver and gold.

The value of life is more precious than silver, gold and diamond put together. This is why love is the greatest thing anyone can give a friend, brother, sister, family parent and even our enemies. Jesus Christ knew the value of love so He commanded us to even love our enemies when they wrong us. Why? Because He first loved us and gave His life for us. He demonstrated this by dying a painful death on the cross just to teach us how to love and to know the price of love for each other. We must stand as Ghanaians to go back to our first love; the love we used to share amongst us all, the love that made us to share our school food, gari and shito, sardines and the tin of milk with the next student lying or sleeping on empty stomach.

Let’s unite against the killing of our brothers and sisters for ritual, galamsey, ‘get rich quick’ and building big houses. We must arise and stand against false teachings about money, wealth and prosperity. Enough is enough of these lynching, killing and burning of fellow human beings. May God forgive us all for the atrocities and barbaric killing of the young military major. Major Maxwell Mahama, may your soul rest with the Lord.

We as Ghanaians are very sorry for what we did to you. We are very sorry. Yes, we killed your body, but we couldn’t touch your spirit and soul. Please forgive us and forgive Ghana for the sake of your children and descendants.

May God hear us from heaven and heal our lands so that His mercy, favour and restoration will return to our motherland Ghana. So help us Lord. AMEN.


Life Issues

21 Things You Will Regret One Day

Today, you have the opportunity to do so many things that will benefit you to make your life secured for the future and the life hereafter. Today, you are alive and kicking and that is not all there is. Today is a gift and a chance for you to live right with God and the very things we do today will determine where you will spend eternity tomorrow.

If you do not take the necessary actions and decisions in life, you will wake up one day and regret these things in life one day. In this article, I want to share with you 21 things you will regret one day in life if you do not take the right decisions and actions now. Kindly tell us your views and experience when done reading.

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21 Things You Will Regret One Day

  1. You had the chance to try that idea but waited too long.
  2. You had the chance to dream and pursue it but you didn’t.
  3. You had the chance to educate yourself but wasted it all.
  4. You had the chance to propose to that lady but your fear of rejection wasted it.
  5. You had the chance to accept that guy but you thought he’s poor and now he’s a mogul.
  6. You had the chance and wasted all your youthful years chasing vain glories.
  7. You wasted all your peak hours on phone talking about nothing serious.
  8. You had the chance to listen to godly advice but you said they were archaic and not applicable in life.
  9. You lived your prime life philosophizing on social media but without any medal in life.
  10. Your worst enemies aren’t witches and wizards but your own laziness, fear and procrastination.
  11. You had the chance to try again but you retired and went to bed after first attempt that failed.
  12. You were not simply hungry and passionate enough for success.
  13. You had the chance but you blindly buried your destiny and future in the wrong relationships and immoral activities.
  14. You had the chance to make it to the Heavenly Home but you spent so much time and money building earthly mansions forgetting that this world is not your home.
  15. You thought you were smarter to hide your secret sins from people forgetting God will judge us for every secret sin.
  16. You had the chance to travel for exploits but fear clamped down your faith.
  17. You had the chance to repent from your sins but wasted the grace of God.
  18. You had the chance to tell that friend or neighbours about Christ but you let them die in their sins.
  19. You had the chance to control your sexual urges but you thought you were having fun.
  20. You had the chance to accept the Lord Jesus for your own salvation but you thought you had more time but the truth is you will die unexpectedly.
  21. You had the chance to save and invest for your future and your retirement but you squandered every form of money they came your way.

Remember that one of the worst things that can ever happen to you is “self-witchcraft”; thus knowing what is right and good for yourself but doing nothing about it.

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