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A Touching Story: The Missing Money

On my way to lunch, I found a GHS50 note on the floor. I was surprised because I hardly come across money on the floor these days but hey, I’ve to look for the owner. I picked it and stood there for about 5 minutes and there, I saw a poor woman hurriedly walking and looking for something.

“Have you misplaced something?” I asked. “Yes, Sir. My money, GHS50 and that’s to feed us for 3 days till my husband returns from his journey. It’s a neat Cedi note”, she said amidst tears and looked very worried.

According to her, she just went to cash the 50 Cedis the husband had sent her and unfortunately misplaced it.

I gave her the money and she was surprised and rained all forms of blessings on me. But her last words kept me thinking.

“Mr. Man, I prayed and told God to send an angel to keep the money till I find it. I haven’t seen an angel before but since God answered the prayer, I believe you are the angel sent from God”, she said almost in tears.

I left for lunch after encouraging her shortly.

Lessons From The Story
1. Don’t take what doesn’t belong to you.

2. Many people have never seen God, Jesus Christ and Angels before but our lives must reveal the nature of God and Jesus for others to know the God we serve.

3. Many people may go hungry for days when you steal or take what doesn’t belong to you.

4. You can also be the angel that someone is praying to meet. It’s not automatic, it’s your decision to make to make life easier for others but not a living hell.

5. Know that God is not dead. He still answers prayers. All the woman did was to pray to God and her God answered her. Believe in prayer and believe in the God that answers prayers too. God is real and He exists.

Did you learn any lesson from this true touching story? Did it touch your life? If yes, then kind share the touching story: The Missing Money with friends and loved ones. It could be of great help to someone.

Short Story

A Handshake With Toilet

My fiancée is not a health worker and neither has she worked in any health post nor desiring to get one someday. One of the things that she is too mindful of is properly washing my hands with soap anytime I visit her.

There have been countless times that I was denied a common hug on the mere fact that I’ve not washed my hands when I visited. Sometimes too, she goes to the extent of using hand sanitizers after washing the hands with soap. And before I eat anything in her presence, she will make sure she personally supervises my hand washing with soap.

This attitude, sometimes I find very disturbing. And there have been times that either my visit or hers nearly got marred because of hand washing. Her reasons are simply that, a lot of people give me a handshake each day because of my position and there are a lot of infections in the environment too.

On two occasions, I got angry and told her that she isn’t my mother to be commanding me and sternly warned her to be mindful of the fact that, I was washing my hands long ago before she was born. I emphatically told her that I won’t permit any of those attitudes in marriage so she should be careful.

It is not that I do not like observing personal hygiene and cleanliness, she’s simply too strict when it comes to issues of such nature.

Today, an incident happened at a conference I attended and that made me to remember my strict wife to-be. I had the chance to attend an international conference. Sitting in a car for long hours got my bladder heavy with urine so I decided to quickly dash to the washroom to offload the weight in my abdomen.

Surprisingly, I bumped into the main conference speaker who had also come to use the washroom and was about to walk away. We exchanged a few pleasantries and ended it with a handshake after taking his call card.

I walked away very happy in my spirit and feeling more confident to have spoken to the main international speaker who has asked me to call or email to get connected. As I still walked beaming all over, I smelled an awful scent of toilet and wondered what had actually happened.

I entered the conference room and sat on my seat. Within three minutes, all those sitting by me were staring at me as if to tell me there was something wrong but never spoke.

And it was really obvious that I was the one smelling toilet but I wondered why it should happen so. I never went to the washroom to empty my bowels but just urinate. And oh, I realized the international speaker came out of the toilet room. He did not wash his hands and unfortunately, shook hands with me.

I felt very embarrassed and left immediately to the washroom. There, I realized that there were some traces of toilet in my palm. Oh, how? Upon investigations from the washroom, I realized the international speaker could not get any t-roll from the washroom. There was only a small tissue used which could not clean everything and unfortunately, the speaker could not wash his hands because he was in a hurry to get ready for the speaking engagement.

At this junction, I remembered my fiancée who was always strict on me when it comes to washing hands. I wouldn’t have embarrassed myself if I had washed my hands after using the washroom. I learnt my lessons from the handshake with toilet. For once, I give credit to my fiancée. She is right! Everyone ought to take this hand washing thing serious.

From that time, I became conscious of my personal hygiene and some health practices. I always made sure I wash my hands immediately I reach home from work. I thoroughly wash my hands before and after eating and do wash my hands properly after using the washroom. In addition, I bought a hand sanitizer and put it in my bag for easy use.

So folks, this is my embarrassing story;  a handshake with toilet. At least, I learnt my lessons from it. And now, I won’t fight my fiancée anymore for being strict on me to wash my hands.

Writer: Ernest K. Akorli

Writer, Blogger, Preacher & Motivational Speaker


Short Story

Help Me To Steal

One day, a poor old farmer asked his son to escort him to the farm. He was affectionately called Old Kimpo. After one hour of going through the farm, they realized that all their food crops had not yet matured and reached the stage of harvest. Unfortunately, there was no food in the house for the family to eat that day.

Old Kimpo was very disturbed. Sadly, he had no money to buy food for the family. His creditors had warned him not to come and credit more food items until he defrayed all his old bills.

Poor Old Kimpo sat on the floor for a long time thinking very hard of where to get some food to eat. As he thought, he saw his neighbour’s farm just opposite his full of matured food crops.

After a while, he said to his son: “Peter, we have nothing to eat in the house. We have been hungry for long and our energy is almost gone. I am going to pick some few food items from my neighbour’s farm. Please stand here and quickly alert me by throwing a stone around my direction when you see anyone approaching”.

Peter seemed not happy with his father’s suggestion knowing very well that he was going to steal. How could he help his father to steal?

Old Kimpo walked quickly to his neighbour’s farm and as he was about to cut and harvest the first plantain, a stone flew his direction with high speed. He immediately squatted in the farm to prevent being noticed if anyone was approaching.

“Is anyone approaching?” he asked Peter amidst fear.

“No, daddy”, he replied. “It was a mistake, dad”.

Old Kimpo wanted to quickly try his luck this time but two stones were already thrown around his direction.

“Is anyone coming to the farm?” he asked his son.

“No daddy”, Peter replied.

“If no then why throw the stones”, he asked fuming with anger.

“There is no one coming, dad but it seems someone is carefully watching us in the face”, Peter replied.

“Who is watching us?” Old Kimpo asked with a quivering voice thinking that he was caught. “Tell me, who is watching us?”

Peter remained quiet for some seconds and pointed to the Heavens. His father repeated the question several times and wanted to be sure who was watching them.

Peter replied, “Dad, there is no one watching us but I thinking God is sitting up there and watching everything we are doing”.

Those words from Peter, a teenager, shot through his father’s heart at once and he felt ashamed. He immediately left his neighbour’s farm and joined his son.

“I’m sorry, son”, Old Kimpo said. “And thanks for not helping me to steal. You really took your Sunday School lessons very serious. I haven’t done this before and thank God you came with me”.

As soon as Old Kimpo apologized to his son, the neighbour emerged out of his farm from nowhere. His presence alone scared Old Kimpo and son, Peter.

“I have been hiding here and watching everything that happened”, the neighbour said. “I realized that people have been stealing from my farm so I decided to hide and catch the thieves myself. I have seen all you did today in your farm and heard all that you have said”.

The neighbour continued: “I am touched because of the attitude of your son for not helping you to steal and take away what does not belong to you”, he added and Old Kimpo really felt ashamed and started apologizing immediately for entering his neighbour’s farm to steal.

“Don’t worry, Old Kimpo”, the neighbour said. “I have given you the permission. Go to my farm and take what you think can feed the family for one month. I am sure your crops will be matured very soon. In case of anything, don’t hesitate to call me”, he added and led Old Kimpo and his son to the farm.

Tears streamed down the eyes of Old Kimpo and his son as they carried two big baskets of food and other sacks full of vegetables.

7 Lessons From The Story:

  1. In your toughest and cash trapped moments, be careful what you do
  2. Never help and encourage anyone to steal or do the wrong thing.
  3. Don’t think you are smart if no one sees the evil that you have done. You have no idea who is watching you. Remember that God sees everything you are doing.
  4. Depend and trust God in both bad and good times. He will surely supply your needs.
  5. Like Old Kimpo, apologize when you go wrong. Do not defend the wrong thing.
  6. Like Little Peter, do not help someone to steal or do evil regardless of your age. Your age doesn’t necessarily matter. Do not connive and condone with evil doers.
  7. Like Old Kimpo, do not teach the younger ones corrupt and evil means of getting what they want in life. They will grow up with such bad attitudes.

Short Story

TESTIMONY: I Walk With 4 Angels Each Day Without Knowing

Many a time, I have always wondered how God protects and walk with His children. My testimony is not different from several other stories you have heard about the sovereignty and protection of God. However, I have attached so much importance to this because it happened to me and that is my story and my testimony.

We have moved to live in our own house about six months ago in an area which is a bit detached from the busy roads and streets. It is a developing estate land and as a result, the area is always very quiet making it possible for armed robbers to operate and even rob in daylight at gunpoint. And how about night? You risk your own life coming home after 9pm. Armed robbery attacks, stealing, rape and a lot of gruesome activities were some of the frequently recorded cases in the area.

Despite all those criminal activities, I decided that I would not stay in the house and not attend evening church services. My love for the Lord and His work is so strong and important to me and nothing could separate me from going to His presence. My parents always warned me to come home early from work and forgo evening church service but I refused.

One of the things that baffled my mind was people calling me names such as “Soldier Man’s Daughter”, “Soldier Girl”, “Army General’s Daughter” and the likes. I never knew what those nicknames meant. After thinking very hard and not getting answers, I attributed their nicknames to my disciplined lifestyle and physical height to resemble the lifestyle of a soldier woman.

Last month, Arnold, one of the young men who has been stalking me called and said he wanted to meet me at my usual junction and pull a surprise on me but he couldn’t do anything when I alighted from the car that night. According to him, I was being escorted by 4 fully armed and well-built soldiers. Their presence alone scared him and he had no option than to leave in peace. I thought Arnold was telling lies so I debunked the whole idea because a man who is truly in love with a woman can say anything just to impress her.

Today was a special Friday Revival and Anointing night in church and as usual, I could not afford to miss it.  As I was returning, I met one of the ladies in the neighbourhood, Anita, crying in a dark spot where there were no street lights. Seeing me brought her much relief.

I asked of what was wrong and she said she was nearly gang raped by 3 robbers but they were not successful because I came with the 4 soldiers who whisked the criminals away. I could not really understand what she was talking about. According to her, I came with 4 soldiers and two of them whisked the criminals away. I thought she was just saying anything out of desperation.

The following day, Anita came with her family members to thank me for coming with the soldiers to rescue her life. The local police station also confirmed that the three criminals were sent to the police station by two soldiers who never disclosed their identity and never mentioned their names.

I was speechless and there I realized that it was the Lord who was at work in my life. Yes, God has commanded 4 angels to guard me day and night and any weapon fashioned against me never prospered. O how pleasant it is to be in His Presence, basked in His awesome glory and receive from Him.

I looked at Anita and her family and said: “I don’t have any physical bodyguards and I cannot afford to pay for the services of 4 soldiers.  It is the protection of God that manifested and saved you. God has commanded His angels to guard us day and night. It is Jesus Christ on the inside of me working on the outside to bring a testimony. Those are my guardian angels”.

My experience, my story and my testimony led Anita and her entire family to give their lives to Jesus. Hallelujah!

Indeed, He has commanded His Angels to guard me and not even my foot shall hit any stone and any weapon fashioned against me shall not prosper.

Gina, Accra.

Short Story

God Is Coming For A Weekend Visit

‘God Is Coming For A Weekend Visit’, My Story and My Experience. I have always desired to have a supernatural encounter with the Lord. I have heard a lot of Biblical stories about the power of God and His mighty works but all those things seemed afar to me. My pastor was the type that preached with much power and confidence. He always wielded his Bible in the air and asked: “Who wants to encounter the supernatural?”

One day, my pastor, Rev. Kimpo Limpo, stood in front of the congregation as usual and exclaimed: “The Bible said if you seek God, you will surely find Him. Beloved, we are serving a living God who speaks to His children each day. I serve a living God so I hear His voice every day. You should be worried if you cannot hear the Voice of God”.

The words of my pastor sharply pierced my heart and sunk deep into my spirit. A heavy burden fell on me at once, capturing my mind and emotions. This turned into a great worry for me as pastor continued to preach. Indeed, I have every course to be worried if I serve a living God who speaks all the time but cannot hear His voice.

On that day, I left the church auditorium with much burden than a blessing. I was determined to hear the voice of God. I declared 7 Days Fasting and Prayers called “Operation Hear The Voice of God” for myself and began with earnest prayers. I later realized it wasn’t an easy task though to be fasting and working at the same time. My work was the strenuous type and it heavily weighed me down so I reduced it from 6am to 6pm to 6am to 12 noon.

Lo and behold, I had a dream on the third day. I saw a handsome looking old man telling me to prepare my room for a wonderful visit during the weekends. I was alarmed and asked: “Who is coming for the weekend visit?” He looked at me, smiled and said: “God is coming for a weekend visit. I hope you will take this opportunity to hear His voice”, he said and vanished in the dream.

Suddenly, I flipped my eyes opened as my heart thumped heavily amidst heavy breathing. Could this be real that God is coming for a weekend visit? In what manner would He be coming, as human or spirit? After several thoughts and analysis of the dream I slipped into total doubt and confusion and finally discarded the dream. As I sat on the bed in my state of confusion, I fell asleep again and the same man appeared to me in my dreams and asked why I doubted his message. He assured me that God was coming to visit me during the weekend and specified that it would be Saturday.

I woke up from my dream and started praying immediately. Suddenly, fear enveloped me at once. I got scared! I was confused and started nursing the spirit of doubt in my mind again. Within few minutes, many questions raced through my mind than answers. On a second thought, I began asking myself whether it was a demon that revealed himself to me or the Holy Spirit. I remembered a scripture in the Bible that said that no one ever sees God and lives and how could God visit me. Thoughts of this gave me a real headache.

And now it was Friday. I was really nervous. I spoke to a few friends who spotted my uneasiness but this rather made me a laughing stock. One of my friends emphatically asked whether I was suffering from high fever or started hallucinating when he heard my story. I could not enjoy my sleep that night. Even the drop of a little pin on the floor could cause me to flip my eyes open from sleep.

Finally, my alarm clock struck and it was 6:30am, a cool Saturday morning. Will God really be visiting me? I really spent three days cleaning my room, dusting off everything and made sure my room was the very best to receive the Almighty God in my room. In fact, it was as if all clocks had refused to move faster on that day.

It was around 10:30am when my phone began to ring. My heart thumped at once without even checking first to know who was calling. It was my boss who wanted to see me urgently. He had to travel to the UK urgently to meet our foreign partners so he wanted to meet me and handover a document for me to work on the new outstanding contract. We agreed to meet at the bus stop. I wanted to arrive at the bus stop in no time than the usual 30 minutes I usually take to get there.

As soon as I came out of the house, an old lady in the neighbourhood wanted to engage me in a conversation. I knew that old woman; she really liked talking which could run into hours. I knew she would definitely waste my time on unimportant things. Without listening to her, I told her I was in a hurry and promised to come back later to listen to her. I stopped a taxi and scurried into it only to hear an old man advising a young man in the car about the secrets of life using his own old stories. I wondered whether the young man was really listening. I hardly paid attention; thoughts of my mysterious visitor preoccupied my mind.

I met my boss and rushed back to find a piece of note on my table and I was surprised. Who entered my room when it was fully locked without anyone having a spare key? Have I missed the visitation of God?  With a shivering hand, I picked the note and began to read. It read:

“My son, I just left your presence when I realized you were not ready to listen to me. You wanted to have an encounter with me and hear my voice but you never gave me a listening ear. I have been talking to you ever since you became a Christian but you do not identify the ways I talk to you and listen me.

On Monday, a customer walked to your office and began to tell you mysteries about your life but you did not pay attention. You were busily browsing and searching for less important information than what I wanted to tell you. Later, you asked the customer to excuse you because it was time for your lunch break. You judged him wrongly thinking it was one of those beggars who go about telling lies about people’s future just for financial gains. You did not listen to him so you did not listen to Me.

On Wednesday, I came back to speak to you through a forwarded message on whatsapp but you only discarded it without reading. And today, I wanted to talk to you through the old lady in the neighbourhood and the old man advising the young man in the taxi but you shut your ears. You have rejected me immediately you rejected them. I speak to my children each day through any medium but only a few hear my voice.

I asked you clean your room and put your room in order because I would be visiting. I wasn’t referring to your physical room but your heart. It is your heart I wanted you to prepare. My Holy Spirit does not dwell in buildings and rooms anymore but in the hearts of men. Today, many people want to worship me in beautifully decorated temples but their hearts are not beautiful and habitable at all. Their hearts are very ugly and full of bitterness, sinful and corrupt activities.

My son, I will come back for another visit when your heart is ready and prepared to receive me”.

I nearly collapsed after reading the note on my table. Indeed, God speaks each day. We are not serving a dead God but a living God. Today, my life has changed after that encounter. I now enjoy sweet fellowship with God.

If only you also desire to hear from him then you will surely hear His Voice too.

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Short Story

A Virgin @ 36 – Losing My Virginity Soon

Dear Editor,

Kindly permit me to express my happiness on your blog. I chose to send you this info about my personal life because your blog is a Christian website and I feel it’s appropriate to share it here to reach millions of your readers.

My name is Milly, a 36 year old pretty lady whose hand will be held to walk down the aisle tomorrow to be called Mrs. I was born naturally beautiful and everywhere I went, people called me names such as pretty queen, hot babe, queen of beauty, beauty of beauties, the lilly of the valley, the pride of men, mother of nature, world beauty queen and the likes that I cannot remember.

By age 7, my mum became worried and very careful and watchful about the kind of friends that came around me especially the opposite sex. And by age 15, I became the center of attraction everywhere I went all because of my stunning beauty and the “killer” back of a woman I was blessed with.

As for men, I have been receiving countless proposals just as I change my undies each day. Even on the days that I would be indoors, my phone would ring continuously from strangers and a lot of unscrupulous men who were only interested in extracting the crude oil in between my legs just for pleasure.

Unfortunately for some ladies, they have resorted to butt enlargement creams and other drugs in the black market thinking those were the very things that gave me big butts. My mum has been of great help during my naïve and vulnerable days. She never allowed me to go out and come back alone for fear of being rape from evil men.

My greatest joy was not in the fact that I have managed to keep myself pure, spotless and undefiled but in the fact that I knew the Lord earlier and my encounter with Him transformed my life. I vowed to God to assist me never to become like those girls whose assets were only their beautiful, curvy body and shapes. I made a promise to God to assist me to marry as a virgin and never spoil myself and be a bad girl.

I think God has been faithful to me. I’m getting married at 36 very soon. It wasn’t that I was choosy when it comes to marriage, hence the delayed marriage but I chose a path that a few women would. At 36, I hold two Masters’ Degree from two universities and I’m the proud CEO of one giant business in the country. I chose a path different from other women whose assets are only their boobs and butts all because of their beauty but chose not to use their brains. I am a proud woman of virtue, blessed and bathed with stunning beauty and above all, a very pretty religious lady with brains.

I knew my beauty will fade some time to come. I knew my big butts will fall some few years to come and my sexy breasts will also fall flat on my chest. At that time, I knew I would have no market value if my body were my only source of income and the very men who praised and hailed my body will shift their attention to younger ladies to get what they wanted. These I knew and God gave me wisdom so I used my brains to choose a way of happiness for my future.
It wasn’t an easy task though with such tempting and sexy ‘goods’ behind me as a pretty lady. God has assisted me throughout my days of the worst tempting singlehood years ever littered with
1. 10 unsuccessful attempted rapes
2. 3 nearly forced marriages to financial gurus who tried to bride my parents
3. Over 1000 proposals from men; at least one a day.
4. Tempting and juicy monetary and material offers from overly rich guys
5. The difficult pressure from peers and family members.
6. 2 times a lecturer deliberately decided to fail me when I refused his sexual demands.
7. 1 unsuccessfully attempt of lacing my drink with date rape drugs.
8. 7 times I was asked by CEO’s to offer my body for enviable positions though I passed the job interview but I refused.

I will soon be someone’s wife. I will be married to a simple and a humble man who doesn’t have it all but has me at heart. He doesn’t have a car yet but trust me, his care and love alone cannot be compared to the most expensive cars to me. With my Francis, I’m okay in life. Life is not all about material blessings without happiness but real happiness can be translated into any form of blessings.

I’m still at a virgin at 36; pure, spotless, undefiled and blameless but tomorrow will mark the end of my pride, my virtue and my cherished virginity. I am proud to say I’m not those kinds of virgins who messed up in many ways and had orgasms without sexual intercourse and still call themselves virgins.

I have made it and stood against all the pressure. To you the young ladies reading my story, you can also make it. You do not have to mess up your life to try or experiment sex. Sex is not everything in relationship but something that drives relationships and marriages like crazy. I know sex after marriage will be beautiful and I know Francis, my darling too won’t spare me at all. Hahahahaha.

My life! My Experience! My story!

Writer: Milly
Infochristo Contributor

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Short Story

Why You Must Tell Your Own Story

Every experience you go through is worth sharing no matter how ugly it may be. It is not how ugly the story may be that matters but the lessons that could change lives; lives swiftly toeing the same lane leading to destruction.

You have a wonderful story worth sharing but waiting to be given a bigger platform for before you tell your story is what you may not be lucky to have. May be you want to wait a while and gain more experience, reached a particular level before you feel qualified to express your mind and talk about some dicey issues. The truth of the matter is that, you may never get a bigger platform before you exit the planet earth so tell your story.

Sharing your experience and stories in life may not only be full of lessons and fun to others but goes a long way to snatch someone from falling into the same mess. Many people have died with great ideas and inventions. Many bestselling stories are still untold and buried in the grave. Others are simply covered in silence and difficult situations.

You may never reach that iconic status you desire before you begin to tell your story. The truth of the matter is that, your story may be irrelevant to the next generation because it was not meant to make impact on them but your generation. Tell your story as you climb higher. Your ideas may work today but not tomorrow so implement them. Your stories could only make you popular today but not stand the test of time so tell your story.

The truth of the matter is if you don’t tell your story, someone else will but may not be as you want it. You, yes you; you know the very essential things worth sharing in your life so tell your story. All those essential lessons worth sharing with the public to advise, motivate and stop others from falling into the same ditch may be hidden from your life partner, children, close friends and the general public. That is the more reason why you must tell your own story.

I love to tell my story not because I want to become popular, to boast or just to be heard by others but to impact generations. Yes, I know that if I tell my story, someone else somewhere going through a similar or same situation will be encouraged and learn some lessons.

A time is coming where modernity and technology may not give room for archaic stories and ideas like yours. Remember, every story and ideas are meant for a particular generation. Some ideas and stories are not trans-generational. In every generation, there is always a story or a few stories that are always remembered. Those stories, though may be very motivating today may not make much impact in the next generation.

You don’t need to become a writer before you can tell your story. You don’t need to become a preacher. Be your own motivational speaker and tell your story. You don’t need a PhD or Master’s Degree from the top best universities before you can tell your story. You don’t need experience to tell your story. Your experience is the story itself so tell your story.

Your entire life is a full story. The beautiful and undeniable fact is that, you are your own writer of your life’s stories. The very things you do each day add up to the full story until you finally exit the planet earth. You know the very things you did that no one else will ever know except God and yourself so tell your story if possible.

At times, some important people die with rich stories worth sharing before writers and the media go chasing family members, friends and love ones to gather their ideas of the life story of the deceased. Why not tell your story. Yes, tell your story and not the mixed facts from those who never had any ideas about your true ideologies, perceptions, achievements and philosophies in life.

If the dead will ever arise and mingle with mankind again, then many writers, the media and publishing houses will be sued for writing and publishing stories which never reflected the true life stories of the dead. It is better to tell your story when you are alive than to die with your lips still zipping the stories and allowing others to tell it the way they want in order to sell their newspapers, books and magazines. I will tell my story so you too, tell your own story. Yes, you have to tell your story before you die.

It saddens my heart when family members and friends struggle and think for days looking for words and cooking up stories in order to write tributes for dead relatives and friends. They end up writing something which may never be an epitome of the lives that the deceased led. If you tell your story, no one else will struggle to get a story about you.

In our part of the world, secrecy is at times key elements of wisdom and maturity. The ability to hold some vital information and never release them to people about your personal life and others is expedient if one really wants to climb higher in life. In communities where witchcraft, voodoo, magic and evil powers freely operate and dominate, stories cannot be told easily. Secrecy is very high in such communities. People easily deny the truth and their personal success when asked all because of the fear of others killing them because of envy of their success. In societies where those evil spirits and powers are not common, people freely tell their stories.

I do believe that not all stories are meant to be told. Not all stories are meant for public consumption due to its sensitivity and the personality involved but you can tell those that are not harmful; those that will not assassinate someone’s character as well as yours.

Even if the story will tarnish your own image, you have the prerogative right to tell your story or forever remain silent. If the past life is littered with so many ugly and unpleasant stories not worth sharing, then you have to take a decision. Yes, you have to take a decision for corrective measures.

One of the biggest platforms where people freely tell their stories both the good and the ugly is social media. Social media has become the voice of the voiceless in the society where everyone can be heard. No matter how obscure or remotest your abode may be, social media gives you the platform to tell your story. With social media, you tell your story and not another person.

My friends, brothers, lovers and readers, you have to tell your story if need be.
– Tell your story if it will inspire someone to make it in life.
– Tell your story if it will save a dying soul
– Tell your story if it will market your ideas, products and services.
– Tell your story if you do not want someone to say it the way it will break your heart.
– Tell your story because you know the true chapters of your life story or otherwise people will write their perceptions about you.
– Tell your story if it’s worth sharing. Yes, tell your story if it’s worth your sweat.
– Tell your story if you think you were born to live and make life better for others.

On the contrary, please keep your stories if it won’t bring any good to someone.
– Don’t tell your story if it will tarnish your image.
– Don’t tell your story if it will bring family division.
– Don’t tell your story if it will bring unnecessary fear and panic without any benefit.
– Don’t tell your story if it can easily lead someone to lose his life, job, etc.

Your story is your life
Your story is you.
Your story, whether good or bad is your life’s story, you own it.
You can choose to deny your story but it is still in your subconscious mind.
Your story is your past and your present life activities.
I want to tell my story so you too, tell your story if need be.

Short Story

A Dead Pastor Witnessed His Funeral Service

It was early morning when Rev. Yawson woke up to pray and seek the face of God for more power and anointing to minister. He would be ministering at the ongoing mega revival prayer meeting. He was the founder of his church, ‘Yawson Power Ministries’. As a morning ritual, he went to call his two sons and wife to join him in the hall. He called his hall the ‘Prayer Room’.

Instead of the normal one hour devotion prayers, they ended up spending three hours and Rev. Yawson seemed to have reached a spiritual altitude which has caused him to lose sight of his natural environment and take notice of the time. He operated in an unusual prophetic dimension. He asked his children to kneel down one after the other and he prophesied into their future. When it was the turn of his wife, he prayed for the grace and provision of God to sustain her family but little did they know what those utterances meant.

Time had run out for church service to start. Rev. Yawson went on ahead leaving his family behind. He never joked with his time of arrival in church. It was an awesome prophetic time of ministration on that day in church. After the service, Rev. Yawson knelt down in front of his seat and put his head on the chair in a prayer mood. This had caused a long queue of members who wanted to greet the man of God and receive from his divine tutelage.

A whole hour passed and Rev. Yawson was still on his knees without any movement. The more he kept long on his knees, the lesser the people waiting to see him became. Finally, his assistant pastor tapped him but he was still motionless. A further tap revealed that something was wrong. He was rushed to the nearest hospital in no time but they were disappointed to be informed that the man of God died long ago before arrival.

The news of the demise of the Man of God did not only come as a shock and a bitter pill for the family and entire church to swallow but also called for more questions than answers. As people thought about the sudden demise of Rev. Yawson, they took cognizance of the fact that he had announcement his departure proverbially in his sermons and finally during the last family devotion but they hardly took a cue from it.

One month later, a befitting funeral service was organized for the late Rev. Yawson. The entire auditorium was full to its capacity. There were giant screens mounted outside for the overflow.

Rev. Yawson was still in paradise when an angel of the Lord went to him and said: “Today is the day that your mortal remains will be laid to rest. I am on a special assignment from the Lord to supervise the funeral service. Will you go with me to see how your funeral service is being organized?”

“Why not? I will be more than glad to witness it. I’m grateful for the invitation!” he answered as they zoomed out of the scene straight to the funeral grounds.

Rev. Yawson and the Angel stood at the altar and witnessed every proceeding but they were invincible to the congregation. He was full of mixed feelings as he witnessed the proceedings; how friends and love ones from far and near and from different churches came to pay their last respect to him.

During the time of reading the tributes, so many wonderful things were said by all and sundry. Rev. Yawson was nodding his head and beaming all over to hear all those good things. The angel of the Lord turned to him and said:

People hardly say bad things about a dead person during funeral service. At funeral grounds, man only reads of your good deeds most of which are just creative writing to say something good and nice about the deceased to the hearing of the sorrowed sympathizers but I tell you the truth, the book of deeds in Heaven that records every act of man should be the book that should cause every man to think twice before acting.

“You have heard so many wonderful things about yourself but no one had talked about the bad things you did. The world is full of deliberate, hypocritical and false reports but the book of deeds records every single act of man. Do not be happy for hearing those false and carefully creative lies from your pastors, family and friends but rather fear the righteous judgment of the Lord. Sometimes, I wonder why human beings are too much concerned about what their fellow man can do and say about them than what the Righteous Judge will say about them.

“My time is up. Another angel has come to replace me. We have to go now”, the angel concluded when the mortal remains of Rev. Yawson was lowered into the grave and buried. Rev. Yawson cast a long look at his family, friends and love ones as they departed till he could no longer from afar.

Lessons from the Story

  1. Know that the Lord can call you home any time so live your life in readiness because you do not know the time you will be called home.
  1. Do not be afraid of what your fellow man can do and say about you but the final words of the righteous judge on the throne. At the end of the judgment only two statements will determine your fate: “Well done, good and faithful servant” or “Depart from me, you wicked and unfaithful servant”
  1. It doesn’t matter which man of God buried you and what kind of prayer he said; it doesn’t matter where you will be buried and what kind of expensive coffin you were buried with, what finally matters is what the judge will say that will determine your eternal destination whether damnation or jubilation in heaven.
  1. What can testimony can be said of you in heaven or what tribute can heaven read about you? Note that every act of mankind is being recorded in the book of deeds (Rev. 20:12)

Writer: Ernest K. Akorli


Short Story

Will Pastor Accept ‘Fornication Money’ For Church Offering?

Any time I go to church and Pastor Abongo tongue-lash immoral and corrupt people, my heart aches and thumps heavily in my chest as if to come out. Sometimes, I wonder whether he has the powers to sniff the little and bigger secrets of the members seated in his church. Anyway, I do not doubt the anointing on his head. Maybe God revealed it to him. Prophet 1 ‘nie’! Hallelujah!

I have always admired him for the confidence to openly rebuke sin but there is one thing I detest about him. Yes, I hate his incessant spirit of motivating his members to give.

There have been several times that I remain glued to my seat and will not make any attempt to walk to the offering bowl and offer something to the Lord. It is not that I do not believe in giving and tithing. I really do. The question I ask myself always is: Do pastors really know the sources of the money they are taking from their members?

My reason for not moving an inch is simple. I slept with a man before I got the money I have in my bag. I knew the money is not clean; not holy and acceptable before God but my pastor’s urge to give is very tempting. Another embarrassing thing is sitting down as people walk pass me to give as if I am the poorest and next to a hungry church mouse.

I am a really pretty queen. It is not that I like fornicating because of my beauty as if I am a professional prostitute. Fornication is not my way of life. No, do not be quick to judge me. It is just that the job I do can only fetch me GH¢350 a month. How much is Brazilian hair? (May be I have to cut my hair short like men and be free). Cost of transportation and food alone take away all my salary. How do I survive in this economy where corrupt people reign and never care about anything?

I am not trying to justify my act of fornication with my boyfriend; hell no. I truly regretted it and if Christ had come, I knew I would have missed heaven. I am only trying to drum home the fact that sometimes, pastors and preachers should be concerned about the sources of the big money people give in churches.

I am not a preacher or a pastor. I am only a regretted sorrowful sinner, lamenting over heart throbbing issues in my life. I have not attended Bible School before, let alone read a whole book in the Bible. I haven’t done that before but my little Sunday school message rings a bell in my heart that God rejected the offering presented by Cain and accepted that of his brother, Abel.

This teaches me a lesson that there are some offerings and sources of money that God deems NOT HOLY AND ACCEPTABLE IN HIS HOUSE. If I have deliberately fornicated just to have some money of which I regretted so much, then pastors should not compel their members to commit the worst sin by compelling them to give to bring more curses on them.

How about taking bribes and cheating at the work places and in the market and get unusually more profit that you should receive and then come to the house of God, give testimony for a booming business and give offering of the same ‘dirty’ money? Gosh! There are many ladies who are jobless and yet dress better than those working. Do pastors really care about the sources of their money? Hmmm!

This is my story. I will be glad if all my readers who understand what I mean will share this and tag all pastors and preachers to draw their attention to the fact that, God is concerned about the sources of money they bring to His house. If pastors will not preach this message, then I have started. Join me spread this message by sharing it.

Writer: Obi Yaa, Administrative Secretary (Accra)

(Obi Yaa prefers that her email will not be published)

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