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How To Edit And Delete WhatsApp Messages After You Have Sent Them

COMING SOON – How To Edit And Delete WhatsApp Messages After You Have Sent Them

You will soon be able to edit and delete your WhatsApp messages AFTER you’ve sent them – but only if they haven’t been read yet

WhatsApp is the biggest messaging app in the world with over a billion users. Reports suggest the app is trialling the update in its iOS beta software. The Facebook-owned firm has not yet officially confirmed the new features

Almost everyone has wished that they could delete a hastily sent text message at some point.

Now, messaging app WhatsApp is reportedly adding the ability to do just that.

However, an update to the Facebook-owned app will only let users recall a message before it has been read by the recipient. WhatsApp appears to be trialling the new feature in its iPhone beta software, according to an image posted on Twitter by@WABetaInfo.

A screen shot of the the new feature was posted along with the words: ‘WhatsApp is starting to work on editing messages (DISABLED BY DEFAULT) #whatsappbeta’.

This suggests that the feature is initially disabled and that users of the beta software currently have to find and activate it for themselves.

When users hold and press on a message, the new update is said to present them with two options – ‘Edit’ or ‘Revoke’

The first will enable the user to update the content of their message, while the second will enable them to recall it completely.

WhatsApp has not officially confirmed the new feature.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp is the most popular messaging service in the world and currently has more than one billion users.

Last month, the app officially launched video calling to worldwide users on iOS, Android and the Windows Phone.

In keeping with WhatsApp’s data security standards, the new video calling feature is fully encrypted, protecting calls from being listened into. This week, EU regulators charged Facebook with providing ‘misleading’ and ‘incorrect’ information during its £15.4 billion ($19 billion) takeover of WhatsApp in 2014.

They claim that Facebook ‘intentionally or negligently’ submitted misleading information which went against EU merger rules.

If the charge goes through, it opens Facebook to a possible fine of one per cent of its turnover, or £100 million ($125 million).


WhatsApp, acquired by Facebook in 2014, said it would share user data with its parent company to better fight spam and improve users’ experiences of both services.

The move was a subtle but significant shift for the messaging app, which has long promised to safeguard the privacy of more than one billion users around the world.

In September WhatsApp started ‘coordinating’ accounts with Facebook by sharing users’ mobile phone numbers.

The two share device information, such as the type of operating system and other smartphone characteristics.

Facebook uses the phone number internally to better identify WhatsApp users on Facebook.

This means it can recommend friends or show targeted advertising.

The ads come through a Facebook program called ‘Custom Audiences’


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Don’t Let Social Media Destroy Your Relationships – Part 2 |Ferdinard Senyo Lawson

Social media has a way of ruining relationships regardless of how long partners have known each other. Couples should be very informed about the dangers of this killer bug and take the necessary steps to stamp it out from ruining their relationship.  Sometimes, a partner may compare his or her partner to someone they have seen on social media. This can be very devastating to the relationship especially when that person is known to the couple.

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People look and show their love in different ways so seeing them on social media does not mean they are better than you or your partner. Couples must learn to appreciate each other regardless of look or appearance. Nobody can ever be like your partner neither will there be anyone like you. Love and appreciate your partner for whom they are.

Friends on social media could be showing interest in you or your partner but may never tell you. So comparing your relationship or partner with them only gives them the winning power to create competition for your partner. Remember that no relationship is perfect but it can be worked at. No matter how difficult or tempting it is to you as couples, never compare your relationship with anyone else’s.

Social media and technology can be very addictive and if a partner lacks self-discipline or self-control, he or she will be opening the back door for problems and challenges to break and destroy the relationship.

When couples discover and know their purposes for their relationship, they are able to encourage and remind each other that their happiness does not depend on other people’s happiness.

Never allow social media relationships with others destroy your relationship. Instead of allowing unnecessary envy, hatred, and jealousy, it rather prevents your relationship from making progress. Begin to empower, encourage, motivate and inspire each other to achieve the best relationship you can both have as a couple.

Couples should find time to communicate more than ever to allow for stronger and healthier relationships. When this happens, it empowers, encourages, and motivates partners to stay together without fear of losing each other. Let’s show love, respect, value and regard for each other, and never allow social media to cause jealousy, hatred, envy and pride in us to undermine each other’s uniqueness. No one is better than the other.

Whatever it is, learn to put your smart gadgets off and don’t let social media ruin your relationship. Social media has destroyed some lovely relationships because some couples have been found cheating in bed with other friends of the opposite sex who they met on social media. When these couples got married, they were best friends without technology and social media.

However, since the inception of social media and smart gadgets, couples are no more talking to see how best they can improve their relationship. Some couples are just too busy looking at the images of other people over the Internet, enjoying online dating but avoiding real relationship with their partners.

High Internet use may lead to conflict, breakdown, and misunderstanding between couples. Some partners may be addicted to chatting and flirting on the Internet with some strange individuals hence jeopardising their relationships with their partners.

Cheating or infidelity is not anything new to mankind but amazingly; social media has contributed to make it more rampant among couples. It is therefore necessary that couples learn and find the right time to speak about how social media have or is affecting their relationship without fear. Talk about it in order to sustain and keep your relationship.

 Don’t let the use of technology affect or destroy your relationship or marriage? Share your experience with us.

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Is Social Media Ruining Your Relationship? – Ferdinard Senyo Lawson

It is shocking to discover how flirting seems to be easy these days on social media especially in the use of Facebook and WhatsApp. The reason for this is because of the rate at which technology and the Internet have increased in our society.

Many people are now using mobile phones, laptops or other smart devices. These gadgets have contributed to the breakdown of effective communication between couples. They however promote flirtatious habits with other opposite sex over the Internet especially on social media.

In this article, I will be exploring how social media and the Internet have contributed to the breakdown of effective communication within relationships and how couples, family and relationships can tackle this 21st century cause of breakdown in their relationships.

There is no doubt that social media has contributed a lot in the development of social structures, helping in education and increasing of knowledge. However, it has also played a massive role in family breakdown. Although some may argue that social media can be a substitute to real life relationships, it can also be argued that valuable time could be used to develop or form real relationships and build effective communication among couples instead of allowing social media to occupy those valuable times.

Over the years, we have all communicated verbally and nonverbally thus allowing face to face interaction and conversation. Nowadays, recent improvements in technology and Internet have shifted the mode of communication among couples and contributed to isolation.

Prior to the writing of this article , I spoke to some ten couples regarding this subject and six out of the ten agreed that social media has affected the way they communicate within their relationship but two out of the ten said they never use social media and therefore, they have managed their marital relationship perfectly.

From personal observation, social media affect the way couples interact or behave towards each other in a relationship especially where it has taken the centre of the relationship.

It is very necessary that couples talk about this aspect of their relationship and never overlook it when it is causing breakdown within the family home.

Although the usage of social media can be seen as a tool for reducing and eliminating loneliness, it can also be a tool for destroying relationships.

These, on the other hand, create unnecessary arguments between couples. A partner can easily get jealous of their partner for using social media too much and he or she may feel intimidated, isolated and ignored in the relationship which may lead to the breakdown of communication, and hinder the growth of the relationship.

Too much of everything can be very destructive to us as human beings and social media is not exempted. It is advised that couples learn to discuss any challenges arising because of social media that may hamper the stability of the relationship. Couples should be able to spend valuable time together and must be free to express the disapproval of time a partner spends on social media.

It is important that couples value and respect the time they spend together especially when they are home. They must never allow the distraction of social media take their focus and attention off each other. People are different and interact differently to things. Therefore, if a partner does not like to use any social media, he or she must not control or prevent their partner from using it. A partner may get so worried or disturbed about the sort of information the other partner shares on social media and that could be a starting point for trouble and argument.

When this happens, it will be inappropriate to get confrontational with your partner. Rather, find time to talk about your feelings amicably or both partners can devise other means of resolving the issue.

Relationship is meant to be enjoyed between husband and wife sharing good time without a third party. Allowing social media in your relationship can easily contribute to breakdown or divorce especially when one is found to be cheating on their partner.

It will be better and wiser to be self-aware or alert of the potential damages social media could have on the relationship and avoid it. Never allow social media to control your relationship. Take control of it before your relationship is destroyed. Business couples must endeavour to explain to each other the importance of their using social media for business purposes but should not allow it to drag the relationship into dispute.

As a lifestyle coach and writer, I use social media a lot to reach out to clients or mentees who need to speak with me but cannot come to my house. I use Facebook a lot to promote my books and other events that I deem necessary to invite others to attend. However, I do not overdo it. I limit the time I spend on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

This is because I try to spend quality time with my family especially the children to do their homework, reading and other family outing such as going to the cinema or visiting friends. This has made my life very easy and smooth without any argument or creating an idea in my wife’s mind. Although sometimes I struggle to maintain this technique, I try not to allow it to control my relationship with my family.

There is always time for everything. Therefore, couples should never use their family times to be on social media. Family time is family time. You cannot save the whole world and leave or break your family union. So, it is dangerous to spend more time on social media and neglect your partner or family.

A relationship without trust can never stand and grow.

It is crucial that couples learn to trust each other when it comes to social media. We should never forget that we are individuals. Some people are very introvert whiles others are extrovert. This means that a partner could be very opened about how he or she deals with his or her social media status.

The other partner should be able to understand and do not control the partner from using social media when there is trust. This goes a long way to prevent jealousy, insecurity, and doubt against each other. This can’t be possible without partners finding time to talk about it.


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51 Sad And Bad WhatsApp Statuses You Should Never Use

Your whatsapp statuses speak a lot about your mood, feelings, reveals your mind, your philosophies in life and your hidden virtues and values. Sometimes, your status can be very discouraging and too demeaning. No matter what you are going through, put up a good attitude and mood. Writing negative statuses on your whatsapp rather activates pain, regret and the feeling of wanting to take a revenge.

Do not forget that once you write any of these negative, sad or bad statuses, all your contacts on your whatsapp have access to read your mind through your status. Be careful what you write. If possible, avoid these 51 sad and bad whatsapp statuses and never use them.

51 Sad And Bad WhatsApp Statuses You Should Never Use

  1. It’s over between us
  2. My end has come
  3. All hope is lost now
  4. God will surely punish you
  5. Fully soaked in tears and very sad
  6. Too many broken pieces to fix at a time
  7. I can’t take it anymore – I give up
  8. My heart faints and my soul cries
  9. I can’t fight for love – just leave if you can’t decide
  10. Robbed off my happiness
  11. If you break my heart, I will drain your blood
  12. You are a torn in my flesh
  13. I guess you are happy now for causing my woes?
  14. I’m fucked up
  15. You won’t go scot free
  16. Such a boring guy you are
  17. I will never fall in love again
  18. At my wits end
  19. Hell broke loose on me
  20. Tearing eyes and a crying heart kill the body faster
  21. I like my foolishness – I’m too wise now to give you a second chance
  22. Dying slowly on the inside of me
  23. A poisoned soul is a dying soul
  24. My cup is full
  25. You will laugh at the wrong side of your mouth
  26. You devil, go away from me
  27. You will surely pay for this in no time
  28. You can run but you cannot hide
  29. I’m not a fool for love for the second time.
  30. An unthankful person is an ungrateful person
  31. I’m damn broke like a church mouse
  32. You cheated on me and now want me back?
  33. You left me when I needed you most and now you want another chance? No way
  34. After using me, you now turn around to say “I’m not your class?”
  35. I’d rather trust the devil than man because he’s just there to deceive and destroy
  36. Never been broke like this before
  37. Sorry, heart is closed. Never come again.
  38. In silence, I nurse the pains of your hurt which you will soon pay for.
  39. I slept to close my eyes from the ugly troubles in life but my mind’s eyes keep staring at them.
  40. I made you a priority but you made me an option, forgetting that I have feelings too
  41. One of the worst feelings is trying to forget someone you know you are going to remember.
  42. The crime I committed is telling the truth; so then, what is the use for being truthful when men of deceit are rather trusted and rewarded?
  43. One day, you will understand how it feels so much to love someone dearly only to be paid with hurt and disappointment.
  44. My silence never meant I’m stupid and my patience never meant I’m a fool in a love. If you think so then wait for my anger.
  45. The worst part is not realizing how much you hurt me but the arrant pride of not saying sorry is what kills me a million times
  46. If I had known that the happiness, the smiles and the much love you brought in my way are meant to say goodbye, I wouldn’t have fallen in love with you in the first place because I cannot still believe that you are dead.
  47. The day I stopped loving you was the day I discovered that you are not worth any woman’s love.
  48. Thanks for passing through my life, at least, I have one bad example of people I’ll advice my children not to ever marry.
  49. People like you make love stinks
  50. Thoughts about you have imprisoned me in my own mind several times but now I’m free.
  51. I never understood the word be careful with people until I met such a bad example as you.
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17 Optional Things Smartphone Users May Not Buy

The introduction of smartphones into the market has led to the decline in sales and growth of some businesses. Before the introduction of smartphones, the under listed items were more of a necessity to many people. However, those items have become optional and not necessities once you have a smartphone. When done reading, kindly share your views with us about things you used to buy but stopped once you have a smartphone.

15 Optional Things Smartphone Users May Not Buy

  1. Wrist Watch

17 Optional Things Smartphone Users May Not Buy - Wrist Watch

These days, many people tend to be too used to their phones and usually check time and everything on them instead of looking at their wrist watches. Wrist watches serve a purpose; they add up to compliment one’s dressing and make you look smart and ready for business. In an exams hall and business meetings, it is inappropriate to be checking your phones to know the time. It will be appropriate to look on a wrist watch or a wall clock.

  1. Camera

17 Optional Things Smartphone Users May Not Buy - Camera

Having a personal camera is good but what is the use of having one when you have a smartphone with higher and a better megapixel and a good storage capacity. Virtually, smartphones, tablets and iPads are just simply okay for you to take your memorable pictures. There is no need buying a professional camera if you are not going to do a professional business with it. These days, some media houses have started accepting self-reports from individuals and some of the photos published are selfie photos taken with a smartphone.

  1. Alarm Clock

17 Optional Things Smartphone Users May Not Buy - Alarm Clock

One of the things everybody needs at home is an alarm clock to assist you to wake up early to meet schedules and meetings on time. One major disadvantage of alarm clocks is that, you have to carry it along if you are not staying at home but the smartphone does that perfectly. Buying an alarm clock is an optional thing for smartphone users and not a necessity.

  1. Notepad

17 Optional Things Smartphone Users May Not Buy - Notepad

Some few years ago, carrying a notepad along with you in bag, wallet or purse became very common. The introduction of smartphones has reduced this habit since there are notepads on some smartphones for businessmen, writers and individuals to jot down their ideas as and when they trickle in. The only disadvantage with the smartphone is when it goes off and you have lots of ideas just trickling in.

  1. Planners and Diaries

17 Optional Things Smartphone Users May Not Buy - Planners and Diaries

Planners are very important in our lives. Without a planner, you are likely to forget some essential events, appointments, anniversaries and some meeting schedules. With a planner, you know what to do and when to do it to achieve a particular objective. Though planners are very important, smartphone users have a better advantage of using planners on their phones. Planners on smartphones normally have features such as reminders to remind you if you have forgotten something important and additional information added to assist you.

  1. Calculator

17 Optional Things Smartphone Users May Not Buy - CalculatorYou do not need to purchase a scientific calculator if all you need to be doing all the time is just some basic arithmetic calculations. Some smartphones come with options to choose basic calculator or advance or scientific calculators.

  1. Calendar

17 Optional Things Smartphone Users May Not Buy - Calender

One of the beautiful things about calendars on smartphones is the ability to fast forward it to future dates or even reverse it many years backward to check a particular date. Normal wall calendars do not mostly have future dates except for the ensuing year.

  1. Map

17 Optional Things Smartphone Users May Not Buy - Map

Gone were the days where you could see different types of maps in people’s homes. It was fashionable during those days to have your country’s map, African map or world map hanged in your room. These days, one does not need to buy all these things. With the power of your smartphone you can have a quick glance at any map for a research or for direction anytime and anywhere.

  1. Pocket Radio or Walkman

17 Optional Things Smartphone Users May Not Buy - Walkman

Having a pocket radio or Walkman was fun to listen to music and news until Mp3 Music Players were introduced. And now with a smartphone, you can have all these in one device even including a video player.

  1. Voice or Tape Recorder

17 Optional Things Smartphone Users May Not Buy - Voice Recorder

Imagine carrying the list of items enumerated here in your bag to a meeting or to travel with. That will be much inconvenience to the man who needs these items. With a good smartphone, you do not need to buy another voice recorder.

  1. Games

17 Optional Things Smartphone Users May Not Buy - Games

How many games did you buy when you were young?  How many of them did you yearn to buy but could not? About two decades ago, we had to buy games and cartridges but the story has changed in our days. There are hundreds of good and educative games available for you to download free from playstore onto your smartphone

  1. Phonebook

17 Optional Things Smartphone Users May Not Buy - Phonebook

Do people still have small phonebooks kept in their wallets or purses? Gone were the days where having a small phonebook for important contacts were the order of the day. The advantage of using a smartphone to store your important contacts is the ability to retrieve them with your network providers contact backup when lost or damaged. Again, you can easily search for a contact and pull out a particular number with your smartphone but one has to scan through all the numerous lists if it’s a manual phonebook.

  1. Wallet

man holding a purse with money closeup

The introduction of smartphones and modern technology payment system has reduced the amount of physical cash one has to carry for transactions. In most countries, electronic payments are made through smartphones unlike in a few years’ time wher one has to transact business with lots of physical cash or cheque. Nevertheless, the use of smartphones has not totally eradicated the use of cash but smartphones can hold billions of cash than a small leather wallet.

  1. Daily Newspaper

17 Optional Things Smartphone Users May Not Buy - Newspaper

Formerly, one has to buy newspapers before getting information in the society and in the world of business but that was costly especially where one has to buy newspapers frequently. With a smartphone, you can have access to the whole world at your fingertips.

  1. Modem

17 Optional Things Smartphone Users May Not Buy - Modem

With a good smartphone, you do not necessarily need to buy a modem more especially if your smartphone is at least having a 3G or 4G network service. You can use your smartphone as hotspot Wi-Fi for your laptops and any other electronic machines.

  1. Torch or Flashlights

17 Optional Things Smartphone Users May Not Buy - Torch

It is better to have a smartphone with a torch or flashlight that can assist you to find your way in the dark than to be carrying a torch everywhere you go. Smartphones make life easier, better and smarter.

  1. Photo Album

17 Optional Things Smartphone Users May Not Buy - Photo Album

Your smartphone can serve as a temporary photo album. It is important to know that it is not all your photos that need to be printed and fixed in your photo album. Your smartphone can serve as a temporary photo album before backup and or printing.

Did we miss anything you do not have to buy once you are using smartphones? Share your views and experiences with us.

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KasaChat: Ghana’s Free Messaging App Is Launched

KasaChat: Ghana’s Free Messaging App Is Launched

KasaChat is a Free Instant Messaging App available on playstore. It is built on the Telegram APi

It Is a Free Messaging App Available for Android that focuses on Speed, Security and Simplicity to Deliver Messages to People All over the Globe. KasaChat uses your phone’s Internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, as available) to send not just messages but also any type of file to friends and family. Switch from SMS to KasaChat to send and receive messages, photos, videos, document and many more.

KasaChat, an app developed by esoftwaregh comes with a unique default Ghanaian kente background.

Why Use Kasachat:

  1. No fees:

KasaChat uses your phone’s Internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, as available) to let you message friends and family, so you don’t have to pay for every message.* There are no subscription fees to use KasaChat. And this policy will never Change. KasaChat is free forever.

  1. Multimedia:

Send and receive any files with the app. You can send and receive files in formats such as the following: doc, jpeg, apk, exe, pdf, html, etc.

  1. Cloud Storage:

KasaChat seamlessly syncs across all your devices, so you can always securely access your data. Your message history is stored for free in the Telegram cloud. Never lose your data again!

  1. Security:

For those interested in maximum privacy, KasaChat offers Secret Chats. Secret Chat messages can be programmed to self-destruct automatically from both participating devices. This way you can send all types of disappearing content — messages, photos, videos and even files. Secret Chats use end-to-end encryption to ensure that a message can only be read by its intended recipient.

  1. Quickly connect with your contacts:

Your address book is used to quickly and easily connect you with your contacts who are on the app.

  1. And much more:

Share your location, exchange contacts, set custom wallpapers and notification sounds, email chat history, broadcast messages to multiple contacts at once and more!

Users are to take note that Data charges may apply. Contact your provider for details.

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A Guide To Commenting On Posts: Jonathan Adzokpe

I have had many instances where people who may think differently from what I put out here disagree with me. That is fine. I don’t know it all, and in fact, in many instances, I get to learn. However, I have realized that there are some people who have an agenda to either come up with unnecessary debates, arguments, and even insults.

One thing we need to understand is that, everyone owns their Facebook walls; as such, anyone has the right to say whatever they want, of course, you must be responsible for what you say; thus, you are better off coming up with a discussion, or a humble spirit to learn than come at the person as though to call them a liar. It can be annoying sometimes, I must confess.

Here are a few ways you can learn to relate with people’s posts here;

  1. Just read and move on

I read tons and tons of posts on this platform; there are many I might disagree with, and others I agree with but I can count the number of times I commented especially on those I disagree with because I have always appreciated the fact that, my experiences and way of socialization are different from the author of the post. As such, it will be myopic for me to launch an attack or utterly disagree with the person. Perhaps all I thought I knew to be right must have been wrong. So, if I don’t have the time going through a discussion to better understand the perspective the person is writing from, I just move on. It doesn’t hurt to do that, you know.

  1. Read with an open mind and ask questions

Secondly, if you can’t just move on like I normally do, and you have time for a discussion, be sure to read with an open mind. Don’t read the post relating it to just your experiences. Ask questions like; could this person have gone through a certain experience for which they write what they have written? Is there another perspective I could see this to think like the writer? Is there something new I could learn from him/her? When you ask these questions and more, you’re being open-minded. You’re demonstrating an attribute of maturity and wisdom.

  1. Start a discussion

Many people come at the writer when they don’t agree. Worst of all, they launch an attack and call the writer names. Don’t do that. Start a discussion. If the person wrote something you do not necessarily agree with, you could start by saying; “Jonathan, from my experience, I know so, so, and so. But it looks like what you’ve written is another dimension from what I know. Can you elaborate some more?” That is wisdom. Whoever wrote the post would be so glad to join you in a discussion. But coming at the person or launching an attack will only get you rewarded with deleting your post, or getting you blocked.

  1. Inbox the person

If you wish, you can inbox the person than try to prove them wrong in the open. Don’t try to be a mister or mistress know-it-all and start a debate in the open if you are not a good debater. I can tell you there are some people, no matter how wrong they are and how right you are, you will always lose. How about just inboxing them for further clarification? That way, even if you “lose” the debate, you do so on the quiet rather than exposing your ignorance and shame.

I hope this Guide To Commenting On Posts helps!

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Caption This Picture of the Week

Sometimes, some people especially ladies, can take some weird pictures leaving many people wondering whether it was deliberate, madness, fun or otherwise.

A lot of some pictures have failed and some have gone viral depending on how the picture was taken. Our team chanced on this one.

Can you caption it?

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The Meaning of ‘Thank God I Met You’

“Thank God I Met You” is one of the words people repeatedly tell me when they genuinely express their heartfelt appreciation to me for being a blessing in their lives through writing, speaking and other means possible.

As these words are repeatedly said in my hearing, I caught wisdom and understanding. I have taken cognizance of the fact that there is a message behind “Thank God I Met You”. Have you ever wondered why people hate it so much and curse the day they set eyes on someone? It is simply because such encounters ended up ruining people’s life with hurting memories, wounded spirits, a dampened and a dashed hope, great disappointment and the worst nightmarish memories ever.

The fact that people have never expressed their feelings to you about how blessed they were through you does not mean that you are not making any significant impact in life. As a matter of fact, it takes only a very few people to be generous enough to genuinely express their appreciation either through written or oral forms.

“Thank God I Met You” should ring the following meanings in your mind.

  1. An expression of gratitude to God for your life
  2. You have just made someone’s day.
  3. You are a blessing to others
  4. You are dear and revered for your roles
  5. You are a role model; people look up to you
  6. You are the source of someone’s motivation
  7. There is something special about you that others need.
  8. You have a responsibility to maintain your integrity in order not to disappoint others.
  9. You are the solution to someone’s problems.
  10. The more you do better, the more others who look up to you will also do better.

If you seek the welfare of others, God will cause others to also provide for your needs. Life is more meaningful and worth living to the fullest when we all seek the welfare of others. Let people always say “Thank God I Met You” and never to curse the day set eyes on you.

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Your Habits Will Create Your Habitats: Gamel Sankarl

The way you live your life today will determine where you will live in life tomorrow. The habits you have inculcated in your inner being or cultivated to a larger extent have an influence on your life and the habitat you will inhabit.

The things we regularly and consistently do becomes a part of our being. They become the defining features of our personalities. And your personality gives you a placement in life. The very person you are in thoughts and in acts determine where you will get to in life.

As humans, we need to acknowledge that it is our level of reasoning and what we do habitually that has positioned us where we are. Animals probably live where they are because they don’t have the same level of reasoning as we do. We evolved when we got involved in a higher level of reasoning. And we will grow when we expand in that regard.

You will only become a good author/actor by writing or acting habitually. You will become legal luminary or a barrister by reading regularly to know the law inside-out. You will be a great cook by cooking consistently. You become a great doctor by studying and practicing medicine continuously. You will be a knowledgeable speaker or preacher by reading wide. Habits are crucial when it comes to who, what or where you want to be in life.

What you do habitually will eventually design the habitat you are best suited for in life. When you don’t like where you are now in life then check what you do on a regular basis in life. You can only explore new horizons when you first exercise change in your conduct.

Your attempt at enhancing your conducts will culminate in the improvement of your habits and the development of your character. You also need to be conscious of the company you keep. You will pick up habits from them that make up who you become.

Your character and your company will create your community. Habits matter when it comes to your habitat; where you wish to see yourself ultimately in life. Consciously cultivate good habits and see yourself create a good habitat for your inhabitation.

Writer: Gamel Sankarl